Friday, September 14, 2018


Helllo fellow humans! Malta is a place you should certainly visit at least once in your life time. Malta takes their beaches very seriously. It is a country filled with one of the most cleanest beaches within Europe and it has a website (, literally) dedicated to pin pointing you to the beach of the day. Malta can be described using all the key buzz words such a "hidden gem", an "untouched territory", an "emerging holiday destination", etc etc etc etc etc.

If you are planning on making a trip to Malta, I would highly recommend a few things:

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Lapland, Finland

Lapland, a bucket list destination, I have been lusting to visit for ages. Finally, the day came and it was like winter wonderland but in real life. Trees are literally dressed in snow from top to bottom, powder white snow everywhere and of course, it was freezing. Like try minus 26 degrees and current feels becomes minus 30... #yolo

DC and I started from Santa Clause village and snowmobiled for 70 KMs with some pit stops to sled with the cutest huskies, attempted to go ice fishing on a frozen lake, bbq'ed in minus 30. DC and I also tried bear at Restaurant Nili, which tasted like kangaroo but a lot more gamey. Lastly, we headed up north for 3 hours and finally reached our igloo hotel at the Kakaslauttanen Arctic Resort. Although we didn't see strong northern lights, I highly recommend visiting Lapland in winter as I will guarantee it is an experience you will never forget. The snow covering the whole region makes you feel like you have stepped onto another planet.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Rasoun, Jerash, Dead sea, Wadi Rum & Petra, Jordan

Visiting Jordan is like stepping foot onto Mars.. just without a field of potatoes. The scenery is unreal, the food hits the soul and best of all, the locals welcome you with their arms wide open. Everyone in Jordan was so kind hearted.

We travelled across the country over 10 days where we hiked through luscious greenery in Rasoun in the north with a local home stay family, retraced the roman steps in Jerash, drove down the country where we floated on the dead sea, hiked through Dana and the water streams of Jordan Valley and of course, Petra. We also did some glamping camped at some of beautiful camp sites with some seriously tasty eats e.g. they roasted some chicken and lamb in an underground "oven" using the heat from underneath!

A huge shout out to Discover Jordan Tours - they made the organisation effortless and the trip so fun. We had the best driver / hiking and tour guide / photographer, Abdullah, where he made it so much fun!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Southern Iceland, Europe

Where do I even start with any of this. 

Iceland is literally like a virtual postcard in HQ quality. No matter where you turn or where you look, everything looks stunning.

Iceland is a country filled with gushing waterfalls, insane rock formations, mountain valleys, ice caves and glaciers as blue as the sky, landscapes covered in masses of moss, rainbows, sunsets filled with every shade of orange and yellow that you can think of and of course, the northern lights dancing in the sky.

Iceland is a place where all the natural sceneries feel larger than life. For every moment that you are there, you will find yourself with a chill trickling down your back, pinching yourself whilst wondering how is all of this so real and incredible beautiful.

Thank you for an amazing trip Iceland. 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Brussels, Belgium

Belgium, a country filled with loads of beer, chocolate, mussels and frites. Alas, the country is small  but its culinary offering will be sure to whet your appetite. For seafood lovers in particular, one of my favourite pit stops was lunch at Noordzee - Mer Du Nord in Brussels where you make your picks from a large selection of fresh seafood. 

Oh, and don't forget to visit the main square of Brussels at night. All the buildings in the square light up, making it feel even more grand than it already is. If you ask me, it is a pretty spectacular 360 view. 

Finally, if you are visit Brussels by the Eurostar and if you can spare an extra day (or even two) then I would encourage you to make the most of your journey by making a day visit to Bruges and / or Ghent. Unfortunately I was only there for a weekend and ran out of time. Nevertheless, these two destinations have been added on my travel wish list. 

- Memories in Brussels - 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Lisbon, Belem and Lagos / Algarve, Portugal

Before visiting Portugal, I continuously heard loads of great things from friends but at the back of my mind, I was wondering exactly how amazing can this place be? So after visiting Portugal myself, l can verify that the place is bloody awesome. The food, the culture and the sea caves. Oh my lord. What I would give just to be back there in a heart beat. 

Benagil sea cave - another bucket list item ticked off

First stop in Portugal was Lisbon. The first Portugese was the classic peri peri chicken. I thought I knew what peri peri chicken was but no (and it certainly isn't close to whatever Nando's serves). Did you know peri peri sauce is actually an oil based sauce where you literally brush it onto the chicken?? At first, the peri peri oil seems subtle but a few seconds later, the chilli really kicks in.