Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spanish Tapas, Glebe

If you have never tried Spanish and your in town then Spanish Tappas is the place to be! Till that day, I have never tried Spanish and it was only then when I had realized that I have been missing out on such amazing food all these years. I had gone on a Thursday night and even then it was completely packed out.

For those who have not tried Spanish, the Paella is a M-U-S-T without question however the waiter told us that it would take at least 40 minutes so we therefore decided to order a few extra Tapas/entrees. Apologies in advance for the horrific photos as a camera phone in dim lighting do not go well together.

Herb Bread - $4.00

Zucchini rebozado - $10.50

The Zucchini rebozado (aka Crumbed Zucchini) was a tad oily however it was nice and crunchy. There wasn't 5 tonnes of batter on the zucchini meaning you could still taste the flavours of the zucchini.

Pincho moruno - 13.00

The Pincho Moruno (aka Marinated Lamber Skewers) were pretty average. Perhaps it may be my lack of knowledge of the spanish culture however I didn't find them that exciting. They tasted like every other lamb skewers you could find at most restaurants. I would give it an extra bonus point mainly because they didn't over it so it was still juicy and tender.

Parrilida De Marisco (for three) - $78.00

After our tapas/entrees and many minutes of waiting, our paella FINALLY came out! =D Thanks to TEN's Masterchef, I had a brief idea of what to expect. I had taken my friend's advice which was to stick to seafood and seafood only when it comes to ordering your paella; advice taken.

The only bad thing that I can say is that I wished we had ordered the paella for 4 to share instead of 3 - I wanted more!! The bottom was crispy and you could smell the aroma of the grilled seafood as you scoop up the rice. It was definitely worth the wait and!! I would give them an extra brownie point because they gave us enough wedges of lemon. Unlike most restaurants, I always find it a pain how I have to request to be provided with more lemon wedges.

Overall I would definately go back again, especially since the entertainment card made the bill even sweeter AND!! they didn't scratch the back which means that it can be used again. Between 4 people, the bill came to roughly than $20 per person. Plus, if you were to go on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night they have live spanish dancers ripping up the dance floor.

Food: 8.5/10
Service: 7/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Value for Money (w/ card): 8/10
Value for Money (w/out card): 7/10

Overall Rating: 30.5/40

Spanish Tapas
26 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2037

Gotta go eat!!

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