Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lttle Lamb Hot Pot, Sydney

The lamb returns.

We first trained it from Townhall to Central, walked from Central to Railway Square then up to Broadway. Caught a bus from Broadway down to Haymarket. Walked from Haymarket to Mother Chu. Walked from Mother Chu to Wagaya. Walked from Wagaya to our final destinaiton, Little Lamb!

I do admit, from the outside it looks like a dodgy small restaurant with barely any customers but after some observation we noticed that there was a tiny stair way up to their bigger dining area. All I can say was that upstairs looks NOTHING like downstairs; it was massive and lots of customers as well as lots of bowls full of food.

Since it was buffet, it didn't take long for us to dig in since all the food was all placed out for us to grab. The one thing which I did notice was that their waitors dont speak English =.=' Luckily for us, they somehow managed to understand my poor mandarin.

Variety of food available

Their variety wasn't too bad, especially for $25 (Soup was additional). They had all your seafood from mussels, prawns, squid to octopus however just from trying their mussels and octopus, their seafood itself was really not that great as it was pretty much tasteless. Quite a disappointment but yet not so surprised.

They also had all your fish balls, seafood stick, tofu, tofu puffs, noodles and even pig blood jelly for those who are gain enough to try it. Even the vegetables had large variety to choose from! The only which was a big disappointment for me was that they only served lamb which was also looked a bit fatty too. No beef or pork, just lamb but I guess that is why it is called 'Little Lamb'.

I am also quite surprised nobody has yet gotten food poisoning from their meat as it is not covered while being served on a plate from the fridge.

Besides the food, service on the other hand could do with a lot more improvement. Sticking your hand up and waving it around like a maniac is useless. My advice is for you to just stand up and walk up to a waitor yourself. However I will give them a few brownie points because the owner herself did go around to every single table and serve plates of food as compliments from the chef or aka 'left overs' =P. Regardless, it was still a really nice gesture from them plus they did taste pretty good =P

Also, besides the hotpot buffet, your $25 also includes other dishes such as sushi, salad, soup, fried fish, fried flat rice noodles, marinated slices of beef and so forth! Not bad I'd say and it is somewhere I would definitely go again! =)

Food: 7/10
Service: 5/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Value for Money: 8/10

Overall Rating: 27/40

Little Lamb Hot Pot
Dixon Street, Haymarket Chinatown Sydney NSW 2000

Gotta go eat!!

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