Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mario Tokyo, Strathfield

Yes!!! I have finally been able to sit here and type away guilt free even after all those hours of procrastination >< *Hates summer school* but anyhow less of me and more about our religion, food.

This restaurant only opened up approximately less than 2 weeks ago and yes I certainly did feel special for being one of their 'first' customers! =D If you haven't realized by now, their name actually represents Italian (Mario) and Japanese (Tokyo). I guess the Italian side of things are them serving pasta and wooden fire pizza and a few of their pizzas having a tomato base. Their interiors I must admit is quite interestingly cute, especially their menu and walls! lol

The typical wait for their pizzas is approximately 15 minutes, I think I was lucky or I happened to order when it wasn't so busy as it only took 10 minutes instead. One recommendation for people going though is to order the couple deal where you can choose any pasta dish and pizza dish as well as 2 soft drinks for only $30!! That's cheap ass!

Iced Coffee - $4.50

Bulgogi Pizza - $13.90

The tomato pizza base surprisingly went well with the bulgogi meat, though the broccoli on the pizza was a tad strange however after some thought it wasn't that strange ... Broccoli and cheese can be considered a favourite! The extra stringy cheese made the pizza just awesome, especially with the salami but I am a sucker for extra stringy cheese so please parden my biasness lol =P

The pizza is bigger than it looks - I actually felt a bit fullish even after sharing it (though, mind you this was my 2nd lunch of the day).

The only thing I didn't like was the stupid air holed crusts - it LOOKED good but the airiness was quite a disappointment even though I knew it was puffed up from the heat! I'm hoping though, that this wont be a restaurant where it's so awesome at the start and after a few months they start to skimp on their toppings and the food starts to go down hill. ><

But I guess it doesn't need to wait a month for it to start going downhill. I am not sure if it was just the pizzas which we ordered that were just like that or if it was actually the restaurant itself. We went about a month after the last visit had ordered some dishes but they seemed like they had skimped on the toppings by quite a bit.

Patta Pizza - Special couple's combo - $29.00

Terriyaki Salmon - $14.90

I can understand why they had skimped on the Terriyaki Salmon because it is Salmon but the Patta pizza was really just cheese and wedges - quite a disappointment

Seafood Pasta in a cream sauce - Specials Couple's Combo - $29.00

The Seafood Pasta served in a cream sauce was good though, they had a right amount of seafood and the pasta itself wasn't too creamy.

Hopefully if we ever do go again, they would give us a better image next time around.

Food: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Value for Money: 6.5/10

Overall Rating: 28.5/40

Mario Tokyo
23 The Boulevarde (Shop 2), Strathfield NSW 2135

Gotta go eat!!

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