Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baja Cantina, Glebe

While walking along Glebe Point Road, you will notice a tiny Mexican restaurant located right next door to the busy San Churros. From one of the windows, it looks small, quiet and cosy but when you look through their main entrance, it looks so packed and popular!

Fair enough Baja Cantina isn't as popular as your Flying Fajitas further down but they are always fully booked till 9 pm every Saturday night. Since it is my first time trying out Mexican, I can't really compare with other restaurants however the one thing I can say that their servings are HUGEEE!!!!

Baja's Famous Nachos - $10.00. W/ beef - Extra $3.00

The beef nachos came out pretty quickly and it was giganntic, clearly we were not aware that it was served as a main. The Nachos in my opinion were fairly average, the 'chips' were interesting though however I reckon they could have added a bit more cheese and it would of made it the perfect nachos!

By this stage, we already already regret ordering the 3rd dish but it was already too late. The food came out pretty slow but I was definately not complaining.

Steak Fajita - $24.00

The Fajita was HUGE! It smelt so good and the skin was just fried so well. It wasn't too oily and surprisingly since it was slightly crunchy and soft, it made it so perfect! The fillings inside were pouring out because it was so jammed packed inside the Fajita! Even though we ordered the beef, I would recommend that you are probably best off going with the chicken to save yourself $4.00 since there are so many other ingredients in it, you can't really taste it anyways!

Chimichanga with Steak - $20.00

The final dish which we ordered was the Chimichanga which is a DIY tortilla dish. By this stage, we basically had picked off the beef, tried 1 tortilla and packed the rest in a take away box as we were already way too full!

The Steak was really good, it wasn't too tough and it had similar spices to those at a brazilian bbq except less saltier! It came with only three tortillas which I thought it should of came with more as it was barely impossible to wrap all those ingredients in only three tortillas!

An extra bonus for those with the entertainment card as it's a buy one main get one free. If you were to go in pairs, I would suggest you just get two mains and dont bother with the nachos as they only took off $10 from the bill as opposed to $16 or $20. Two mains is probably more than enough anyways!

Gotta go eat!!

Baja Cantina
-43-45 Glebe Point Road, NSW Sydney

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mamuk, Haymarket & Chatswood

'There is always such a massive line outside it'. 'I waited for over an hour for just a table'.

Yes, those are the complaints that you will usually hear if you want to dine at Mamuk. For me personally, I've waited for over 1 and half hours for just a table of 4 on a typical Saturday night. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! Coming from a family with a bit of a Malaysian background, Mamuk in my opinion is so far the most authentic Malaysian restaurant I have been too in Sydney and it is definitely WAY WAY better than Tamasek and Chinta Ria.

Roti Cannai - $5.00

Their Roti Cannai can be a bit small and pricey however you probably can't find ones as good elsewhere! You may find it to be a bit oily however you do get the light and fluffy texture which is why it tastes so good! Their range of Roti is also quite extensive as they offer both savoury and sweet!

So for those who haven't tried and were turned off by the line? Give it a go, even if it means for you to wait almost 2 hours on a Friday/Saturday night!

- 15 Goulburn St, Haymarket, Sydney
- Soon to open in Chatswood! =D

Gotta go eat!!