Sunday, September 12, 2010

TK Something Korean BBQ, Canley Vale

There seems to be a sudden growth of Korean BBQ restaurants in the 'Asian hood' in the West. Eg Cabramatta and Canley Vale. TK Something Korean BBQ was surprisingly really popular however after giving it go, they really should change their name to 'TK Something Vietnamese Korean BBQ'. Last time I checked, Korean food doesn't usually involve Nem Nuong or however you spell it!

The buffet was $26.50 per person (with a two hour time limit) which is a bit cheaper than most other Korean BBQ places however I guess this is because it was not located in either the City, Strathfield or Eastwood.

Different types of sauces and traditional korean side dishes

The food was well marinated, although it will never beat Madang! =P and their range of meat was also quite extensive. This may be because they did offer several Vietnamese meat dishes such as Nem Nuong and Vietnamese Marinated Pork. The mussels were also surprisingly sweet and juicy, as not many buffet places offer such good mussels!

Dessert Bar

There was also self serve dessert bar which had Creme Brulee (and yes it did crack), Raspberry pudding, fruit, jelly, asian jellies and red bean soup.

Service wasn't too bad either - the waiters were easy to get a hold off and their service was pretty fast. You didn't have to repeat your orders a million times unlike Shinara. Overall, I probably would not go back again as it can be a bit far for some and unless you are in the hood with the mood for some korean bbq!

Gotta go eat!!

TK Something Korean BBQ
- Canley Vale Road, Canley Vale.


  1. Hahaha i agree with the naming. It's kinda like Se Jong Korean BBQ buffet at Campsie, which offers Jap dishes as well. and yes you've spelt it right :) And I'm a hopeless romantic for desserts, man this looks delish!!
    So going here next time I go Canley Vale!! :)

    1. Hi Tina - You should! and stop by for dessert too~