Sunday, October 24, 2010

Noodle Markets, Hyde Park

Line of people @ Noodle Markets, 2010
When you see a crowd like that with thousands of people lining up for ages, I guess you would want to know what the fuss is all about. Noodle Markets is part of the Good Food Month's festivities each year where most of the popular Asian and Middle Eastern restaurants set up their own little stall to feed their mass of hungry customers at Hyde Park. The festival lasts for about 2 weeks which is awesome for massive foodies out there because you can come once every couple of days!

Mini Dutch Pancakes Stall
Chat Thai Stall
Everyone loves a good Thai and Chat Thai never seem to fail! You can always tell who offers the better food based on the length of the line of their hungry customers. The lines for Chat Thai for both their desserts and savory dishes were so long! New Shanghainese located right next door was also insanely long and if not longer! (which to me was quite a surprise)!

Chat Thai Stall
 The food right at the front of their stall looked so droolicious, their Mango with sticky Rice was clearly a favourite. It went so fast as if those things were for free! Personally for me though, I found that their sticky rice is probably a bit too wet and the coconut flavours are a bit strong.

Thai Fish Balls with Sweet Chilly Sauce - $3.00 per stick

Thai Chicken Dish - $12.50, give or take
The fishballs were definitely well made; The outter skin was crispy, the fish balls itself were so soft and mix of these twos along with the sweet chilly sauce was just the perfect mix! This chicken dish was an absolute win even though the rice was a bit cold. The chicken was well marinated and it wasn't over cooked as it was still soft and moist.

Vermicelli Noodle dish
Flat Rice Noodles
A noodle market festival is no festival until you have ordered a few noodle dishes! The noodles were a bit cold and slightly oily but I guess that is what you get regardless of where you go. To be honest, I didn't really taste or feel anything special about the noodles as it tasted pretty average.

Passionfruit and Chilli - $5.00
Desserts on the other hand however . . . was definitely really interesting. There was a stall serving natural ice cream and sorbet selling flavours such as Fig, Honey and Pistachio, Peanut Butter and Passion fruit and Chili. The Peanut Butter was by far the best.

So for those who haven't been, it is definitely worth going to try it out with some friends. The food can be a bit expensive and you may want to bring your own water if you don't feel you should be paying $4 for a normal bottle of water. 

Gotta go eat!!

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