Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sugar Hit 2010 at The Westin Hotel, Sydney

Yes boys and girls, it is that time of the year again, Good Food Month. For most food lovers it is almost like New Years!! This year's Sugar Hit range is unfortunately not as extensive nor is it as creative as last years.

Glasses of Brown Brother's muscato

The Sugar Hit at The Westin was . . . a decadent sugar hit of dark chocolate Tanzanie cream, honey macadamias, espresso biscuit, pineapple and mango bavarois. This was accompanied by a small glass of Brown Brother's muscato.

The Westin's Sugar Hit, 2010 - $20

The layers of the dark chocolate and mango bavarios definately was layered in a very clever way because it helped balance out the sweetness of the whole entire dessert. You didn't get a whole mouthful of dark chocolate which would have ruined your whole experience.

The little fruity bits also helped balanced out the sweetness and the macadanias gave the whole dessert some extra texture rather than just slurping down the smooth chocolate and bavarios.

MUST I SAY THOUGH - When having this dessert, PLEASE do yourself a favour by slowly consuming it and if things are too hard to bite, spit it out immediately. One of the customers had found several pieces of glass in their dessert, each being the size of about 3/4 of a tic tac or possibly a tad smaller.

In saying that though, the manager of the night had tried to make up for it by slashing the whole bill in half and as well as providing his contact details in case anything else arises. Not bad service I must say!

The Westin Hotel
- 1 Martin Place, Sydney

Gotta go eat!!


  1. what is this awesome sugar hit thing i keep hearing about? it sounds like fun..

    but what the.. a halved bill and contact details from a manager of the westin over glass being found in food? it's definitely not supposed to be there.. should have been $0 bill.. especially considering how dangerous that is.. really bad service.. =/

  2. Hey Sha! You should go, it is part of the good food month festivities. A lot of the big name hotels and some cafes are hosting it. You pretty much pay $20 per person and you get a plate of dessert with a small glass of wine.

    Yeah but there was like 10 of us . . so i dunno. He did give her the card though in case anything else happened.

  3. wow that's horrible o_O .. btw out of curiousity, was there a guy named greg in your group?

  4. Vivian: Sorry for this belated reply! I am not sure actually because i didn't read the card. But he handled the situation well so i guess that was good :)