Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chefs Gallery, Sydney CBD

If you think you need to spend $1K on a plane ticket to Taiwan or China for a good bowl of hand made noodles, think again as Chefs Gallery has hit the city of Sydney. One says that you can judge the chef by the quality of their hand made noodles; the thinner and more even the noodles are, the better the chef. Must I say that the noodles I saw were quite almost perfecto, it was like as if they were produced by a machine! 

The service was quite similar to Ding Tai Fung's where your jackets on the seats had a special cover and you could see the chefs perform their magic! Most of the dishes came out relatively fast except for the dumplings however it does say on their menu that there is approximately a 20 minute wait.

Diced Chilli Chicken with Hand Made Noodles - $12.90

Unfortunately as none of the Shanghainese styled dishes with their spicy sauce were available at lunch, we had to order a bunch of different things. The hand made noodles were very light and like I said before, very very even however the chicken could have been a tad more spicy. Given it's price, I personally thought it their serving was a bit small but I guess I can't really commpare Ashfield's prices to the city since it is the city.

Fried Grain Rice with three types of egg - $13.90
I am never a fan of fried rice however I had one execption . .  it was this egg dish. It was made of chicken egg, salted duck egg and of course it had the classic hundred year old egg. The salted duck egg took the whole dish to a whole new level, there was just the right amount of the salted duck egg which didn't make the fried rice too salty but it was just salty enough. Perhaps they may have added a bit too much oily because the dish was quite shiny.

Lightly Pan Fried Dumplings - $8.90
 This was definately the highlight of the afternoon. Based on it's looks, it looks like a normal plate of dumplings but that is until you try them. The skin . . was just so amazing! It was so light and fluffy but so thin at the same time. Since it was pan fried, you didn't get that excess oil dripping off the dumpling AND the skin is both soft and crunchy at the same time. This dish was definately a win for me. 

For recommendation is that if you haven't been, I'd say it is worth checking out, especially for those who have the Entertainment Card. It isn't in their current book nor on the card however it was recently added on so that's an extra incentive for you to go. My suggestion is though, if you want to go and you want to avoid the crowd - go at lunch as the wait is generally only 5 minutes.

- Shop 12, Ground Floor Regent Place @ 501 George Street, Sydney

Gotta go eat!!

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