Monday, November 15, 2010

Leanly Hot Bread, Burwood

Craving a pork roll? Live too far away from Cabramatta? Your worries have now come to an end as I introduce you to a one stop shop for one of the ultimate pork rolls.

The salad and meat available for the rolls
Leanly Hot Bread makes their pork rolls quite well because their bread rolls itself are so light and crunchy while their carrots are actually marinated! So when you bite into the roll you get that sweetness of the marinated carrots mixed with the crunchiness of the bread which takes the roll to an extra level.  
Pork Roll - $3.80
Chicken Roll - $4.00
Personally, I prefer their pork roll as I find that their chicken is a tad dry. I also find that they can be a tight when it comes to adding the cordiander. I am quite biased though because I do love my food with EXTRA coriander! You can definately tell that these rolls are quite fresh because the salad doesn't taste nor look off. All I can say that is that I wil definately coming back to this hot bread store for some pork rolls next time I am in the hood!

Leanly Hot Bread
- 192 Burwood Road, Burwood NSW 2134

Gotta go eat!!

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  1. YUM! haha i go to the same place for pork rolls when im in burwood! :D