Sunday, December 26, 2010

Assiette, Surry Hills

This was definitely one awesome Christmas Eve for me since my tummy was definitely satisfied that night thanks to the degustation menu at Assiette. The atmosphere was so warm, service definitely met my expectations and most importantly, the food was fresh and tasty!

Seasonal oyster with Vietnamese dressing and baby coriander

The oysters were one of my personal favours - who would of thought that fried onions would go so well with such a fresh oyster. You could tell that the produces were very fresh, esp with the oyster because it was sooo refreshing!! 

Sashimi style Hiramasa kingfish with wasabi pannacotta, raddish and ginger marmalade
The kingfish went so well (surprisingly) with the ginger and raddish and the kingfish melted in your mouth. The serving for this was quite decent too as they gave out just the right amount of kingfish so you weren't dissapointed after eating your first piece of sashimi. 

Cured Malborough salmon with prawn beignet, pink grapefruit, mandarin and fennel
This was actually my top two favourite savory dish because the salmon was just . . .so good . . . Not only did it melt in your mouth but it was so smooth and fresh! The fried tempura prawn was also still so juicy. I think every element on that dish just worked so well together (in terms of taste and texture) to the point it escalated it to an extra level.

Beetroot and goat curd with beetroot salad and pinenut vinaigrette
I will be honest here, this was probably my least favourite dish of the night, though that is mainly because i just hate cheese and almost all different types of cheese. It was too chessy and even though the beetroot did try to cover most of the cheesy taste, it just still didn't work out for me.

Thirlmere duck and fois gras with cured duck breast, caramalised peach
This was quite an interesting dish, mainly because it tasted a bit different to what I had expected and what it appears to look to taste based on its appearance. The duck itself was nice except the curd duck breast tasted a tad strange for me. The caramelised peach however, was just so amazing; so crunchy and sweet!!
Pan fried dory with seared scallop, onion bhaji, cauliflower puree and mango chutney
This dish can either be a love it or hate it dish as it really comes down to if you like the distinct taste of John Dories. If you like the taste of dories, then you will definately love this dish. Personally, I found that the fish was a tad too salty and the next element on the right on the fish being the onion bhaji was even more salty! The scallop was good though and the mango chutney was quite subtle.

Roast Junee Lamb loin with caramlised sweetbreads, miso-glazed eggplant and olive crumble
This dish was my second top favourite two savory dishes. The lamb was just so well cooked as the meat was still so juicy and tender. There wasn't too much salt and nothing tasted so overpowering. The eggplant was also nice and soft but it wasn't too soft to the point it was mushy.

Brillat-Savarin Cheese cake with honeyed walnuts and pear puree
Unfortunately, being a cheese hater, I really did not appreciate this dish. The cheesy taste itself just turned me off however in saying that though, I did manage to get a few minute bites out of it and it didn't taste as cheesy as I had expected it to be. The fruit bread was so thin and crispy which helped balance out of the texture of the smooth cheese cake.
Granny Smith apple jelly with vanilla syrup and apple granita
This was definately by far, my favourite dessert dish of the night. Nothing was too sweet and the granita just did it for me. The sweetness of the apple taste exploded in your mouth so you ate it jelly was so smooth yet soft. I think this dish was the win for me! It looks so simple, but it tastes so amazing!
Nectarine parfait with strawberry tapioca, summer berries and rasberry sobet
I think with this dish, what makes its so different to  most other dessert dishes is that you need to eat it with a bit of each element. For example, the nectarine parfait and the rasberry sobet are so ordarinary elements by itself but once you combine then both together, it takes the dessert to an extra level! The sourness of the sorbet and the sweetness of the parfait just balances each other out.

The degustation menu itself is $99 and $159 with matching wines. There is also an extra bonus for those who hold the entertainment card as you get 25% off the bill of up to $50 off. So for those who haven't been, please do your stomach some justice and go and try this place out. The food might seem small but that is what each degusation menu is like and surprisingly, you do get full from it! 

- 48 Albion Street, Surry Hills

Gotta go eat!!

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