Sunday, December 19, 2010

Taste Baguette, Sydney CBD

If you have an obsession with Baguettes and you haven't tried Taste Baguette, then you are seriously missing out! Taste Baguette tries to combine both French and Vietanamese ideas of food together. They sell some misc. French desserts but the main focus for today is their baguette's!

Menu of Baguettes
They have different types of Baguettes and all decently priced. In my opinion, it tastes like a smaller version of Little Vienna but just in a Baguette. It isn't as filling as the massive hard crust sandwiches from Lilttle Vienna but I think it tastes a bit better, mainly because it is served in a Baguette =P.

Grilled Portuguese Chicken - $8.60 take away.
The grilled chicken wasn't overly grilled which is good thing because I am sure everyone doesn't want to be eating a black char grilled chicken that produces cancer! *Touch Wood of course*. The baguette was definately fresh because it was so light yet crunchy at the same time and there was just enough salad to help balance out the meat. Would definatetly come back for some more bagette munching at lunch! 

They also have these franchises in a few locations around Sydney CBD. 

- 68 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2001

Gotta go eat!!


  1. If you go back, try the Lemongrass Beef (which I assume is Vietnamese-influenced) - it's to die for. Big pieces of fresh lemongrass and nicely marinated, freshly cooked beef, on a scruptious fresh baguette just like you had. Well worth a visit.

  2. And so I have been told by my work mates. I think it is their most popular item! Will def try it, esp since it is so close to my work! :)