Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MOO Gourmet Burgers, Newtown

As I say hello to this gigantic burger that has been served right in front to me, I think to myself how exactly am I doing to demolish this. It looked good, it smelt good and even I was in pain taking a photo of it because all I wanted to do was plunge my whole mouth into it, nom nom nom

Big Moo - $16.50

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Christmas feast to remember

It's Christmas eve and the month of December is always my favourite month because everyone is so cheery and you can just feel the festivities in the air. It is also the month where I can feast like a pig and not feel a single drop of guilt for not exercising it off.. until January comes around. There is there is of course the present giving and receiving where you would hope to be on Santa's good list. 


The feast for the night: Roasted turkey, salmon and avocado vol en vents, herb bread, mango and bean salad

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Opera Point Marque, Circular Quay

It was the last day of the working year and may I say the function made it onto the 4 worded list: Bests Christmas Functions. It was probably one of the better views we have had, mother nature had shone away the rain as soon as we were seated and of course, it was just so close to Christmas.

View of the Harbour Bridge right outside Opera Point's Marque

Monday, December 19, 2011

O Bal Tan Restaurant - Korean BBQ, Sydney

As much as I love some of my favourite restaurants, I'll be honest because sometimes I seriously just can't be bothered waiting in line. After 6 pm on a Friday and Saturday night, you will be guaranteed to be lining up outside for a table if you want to have dinner at Madang. Solution? Walk  5 meters to the right of Madang and you will find yourself a 3 level Korean BBQ restaurant, Obaltan where you will be seated and served within minutes. 

Left: Beef ribs without bones ($17.00)Top right: Marinated chicken with chilli sauce ($17.00)
Bottom right: Marinated pork ribs ($17.00)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

IVY, Anti-hangover Shot

Have you ever wished that there was a cure for those nasty hang overs and the closest cure you have is a packet of panadol? or have you ever wished that your face wouldn't go as red as tomato after 1 drink, aka the 'Asian flush'?

IVY, Australia's first Anti-hangover Shot
Photo courtesy of Polkadot PR

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let's go eat - Guest Post from Delivery Hero

Let’s go eat! : Out and about, my favourite places to enjoy food in Sydney
I’m a big believer that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy really fantastic food in Sydney. There is incredible fine dining in this city if it’s your thing but my preference has always leaned towards less expensive but authentic culinary delights and a rustic style of cooking rather than a menu full of foams and sorbets. 

Enjoying food with friends is hands down my favourite way to spend my spare time. With super delicious food firmly in first place, the location comes a close second in what makes the experience a memorable one. I guess it appeals to my slightly romantic sensibility and a general sense of nostalgia – there are just certain foods I always need to eat in particular places. Somehow it heightens the taste of the food, makes me remember good times and feel I’m creating new ones. With this in mind, I put together a list of my favourite places to enjoy food in Sydney.


La Parrillada, Petersham

Inspired by a friend who had stumbled upon this place on Grab your fork and after having seen the pictures, let alone reading the post, I decided to prepare my stomach for this amazing feast. Did you know that to maximise your stomach space for dinner, you should you have a decent meal at lunch and stop eating approximately 3 to 4 hours before the big meal. That way your stomach won't be either too hungry or full at that point in time.
After seeing what was on that platter, you can understand why I had to prepare my stomach that afternoon.

Peruvian BBQ on a platter at La Parrillada, Petersham
All you can eat from Monday to Thursday, $23

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Grub and Tucker, Newtown

I heart Newtown for its quirkiness, diversity and cheap eats. The menu at Grub and Tucker in Newtown pretty much fulfills the definition of 'cheap eats' so it fits in perfectly well when your bank balance is running slightly low but your stomach is growling with hunger. The designs and the cosiness of this small cafe especially out in the courtyard makes you think that your still in the comfort of your own home.
The funky designs within Grub and Tucker
The Lucifer Big Breakfast - $16.90

Moochi Natural Frozen Yoghurt, Strathfield

It's hot and it's the summer but I don't exactly want to gauge out on ice cream for the next three months because I may end up turning like an asian oompa loompa next year. Natural frozen yoghurt has been the healthy alternative lately and this whole craze has seem to be be spreading fast. It's so popular that everytime you log onto facebook, some friend of yours would ave bound to have checked in at one of these places.

Moochi Natural Frozen Yogurt, Strathfield

Jamie's Italian, Sydney

Lately the current trend is Jamie Oliver's first and new restaurant in Sydney, Jamie's Italian. I see it on all these blogs, twitter feeds, facebook and so forth so I had to go to check out what all the hype is about. Like everyone else, I felt so nomadic as I waited and processed in the line, then moved inside the bar to wait some more and then finally moved again to our tables. Was it worth the wait? I'll let you be the judge on that one.
Line outside Jamie's Italian
Fish Stew - main size - $27.00

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pho Hoang Gia, Flemington

Flemington is one of the home towns for decent Vietnamese food. The restaurants are definitely not fancy though the food is tasty and cheap. The restaurant is hidden away in the corner of a drive way/alley way of the carpark in Flemington but it is all this secrecy that makes its even better. 

Beef noodle soup with beef meat balls

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Harry's Singapore Chilli Crab, Surry Hills

Authentic Singaporean Chilli Crab is almost unheard of until I visited Harry's Singapore Chilli Crab in Central. The restaurant isn't that noticeable because Harry's restaurant is upstairs above Triple Ace Bar on the corner of Elizabeth and Campbell. The first thing you will notice about Harry's is that they definitely serve fresh crab. Why? because there are boxes of live crabs sitting right outside the door steps of the restaurant.

2 Small Crabs, weighing approx 1.2 to 1.5 KG, at MP (approx $85 per KG)
Recommended for a group of 6

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Colo Tako Takoyaki Stall, Chinatown Markets, Haymarket

Colo Tako Takoyaki Stall is one the things that defines Friday Night Chinatown Markets. You can smell all the takoyaki from a mile away and as you go through the stalls, you will see a line of people queuing up for these fresh and tasty authentic takoyaki.

Colo Tako Takoyaki in the making process

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rockpool Bar and Grill, Sydney

I have finally step foot on one of Neil Perry's famous restaurants, Rockpool Bar and Grill. The interior of the restaurant was so grand, all their walls and columns were marbled. As soon as you stepped in, the deco of it all would make you stop, pause a little and admire the surroundings and feel that you are about to dine in a mansion.

The grand inter of the Rockpool Bar and Grill

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lowenbrau Keller, The Rocks

I heart Lowenbrau with a passion for their atmosphere, the food, the booze and the list goes on. The servings are generous, their pork knuckle and pork crackling is to die for, the atmosphere is very lively and having a live band is always a bonus.

Schlachtplatte for two - Sausages, Chicken Schnitzel, Meat Loaf and Roast Pork Belly, Served with Mashed Potatoes, Sauerkraut, Braised Red Cabbage, Bread Dumpling, Bier Gravy Double the Size and a Roasted Pork Knuckle. $73.00

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tony Romas, Sydney

I love my meat and in particular, I love my ribs. Thankfully, Tony Romas is always alway to satisfy my strong cravings. Their signature barbecue glazed sauce and along with their ribs is what most people crave. Put the two together and your stomach will be in for a massive work out. I haven't had ribs for a while so it was indeed very exciting to nibble on the endless amounts of ribs that night. Best thing is that you can use your hands and get all messy.

Chicken and steak combo with corn on the cob and chips - $44.90

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Premises, Floating Pop up Bar, Sydney Harbour

Partying your weekaway with a view like this? Yes please. Thank you Daniela Penno from Pokadot PR for inviting me to take part in the launch of The Premises. The Floating Pop Up Bar, The Premises, will be available for a limited time on Thursdays to Saturday (6pm - Midnight) from 07/10/11 - 22/10/11.

View of Sydney Harbour from The Premises

Arriving in a water taxi, The Premise is situated in a 'prime position between the Opera House and the Botanic Gardens. Temporarily joining the likes of The Harbour Bridge, the bar will be become a new icon on the water and be smack bang in the public eye for all to see'.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blue Mountains Chocolate Company, Katoomba

By the time you finish lunch at the Swiss Cottage Restaurant, you could pretty much work off your lunch by walking down the road to the Blue Mountains Chocolate Company. Alternatively, there is also the option of driving but you will need to pay attention to the sign because the physical outlook of the cafe can be quite misleading.

Blue Mountains Chocolate Company
Blue Mountains Chocolate Company

Monday, October 3, 2011

Swiss Cottage Restaurant, Katoomba

Swiss Cottage was one the highlight meal of the road trip down to Leura and Katoomba. Nothing beats sitting in a warm cosy restaurant tucked away in the quiet streets of Katoomba on a cold pouring day and having some seriously hearty food.

Swiss Cottage Restaurant, Katoomba
Interior of the restaurant
Country Rosti - $15.00

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Leura Garage, Leura

Hello long weekend and with the inspiration from A table for two and Simon Food Favourites, a road trip to Leura was definitely to be. Located approximately one and half hours drive from Sydney, is a suburb filled with seriously good food. My stomach was definitely in for a treat. First stop, Leura Garage.

Leura Garage, Leura (converted from a auto repair garage)
Interior of Leura Garage

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cafe Ish, Surry Hills

I always heart a decent brunch, especially on a rainy gloomy day. Cafe Ish is an Australian and Japanese cafe that offers organic ingredients in its dishes. It is their signature dish however that attracts so many of their customers so I just had to find out myself what all the hype was about. 

Vege Omelette - $16.50 & Fetta Cheese - $4

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sydney Tower Buffet, Sydney

A fancy buffet in the tallest tower in Sydney, it would definitely have to be the Sydney Tower Buffet up in Centrepoint Tower. Even though when I went up, the weather was fairly gloomy but the view of Sydney was still decent and it made all the people look like the size of ants. 

Cold seafood bar at Sydney Tower Buffet

Spanish Terrzas, Sydney

I can just never have enough garlic potatoes, it is like the definition of Spanish in my food vocabulary. Spanish Terrazas served up some seriously good garlic potatoes and paellas because there was so much flavour packed into those dishes.

Seafood Paella for two - $58.00

Grape Garden Peking Restaurant, Willoughby

Never judge a restaurant by its look because you never know what might surprise you. Grape Garden Peking Restaurant might look like a quite restaurant right opposite Willoughby Girl's High School however I was quite blown away at the authenticity of their food. The owner/chef/waiter runs the restaurant with his wife assisting him on the side and if my memory serves me correct he is also the owner of a restaurant in the Lemon Grove food court. 

Peking duck and that was only the start of the ducks

Noseys Boutique Wine

A thank you to Daniela Penno from Pokadot PR for inviting me to take part in the launch of Noseys Boutique Wine, a boutique online wine retailer in Sydney, at the Sol Lounge Bar. The main advantage of being an online retailer is that your wines can be delivered right to your door step, just in time for you to share with your group of friends that same night.

Non Vintage Rose', Tasmania
A thank you to Noseys for the goodie bag to take home
 The website shows nine categories (Bubbly, Fresh, Mellow, Rich, Rosy, Blush, Smooth, Deep and Sweet). 'The wines which are part of each category share the same characteristics i.e. aromatics, big on flavour, sophisticated, good for a sunny afternoon or a perfect match for a certain meal.'

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Himalayan Char Grill, Glebe

Are these lamb shanks really that famous? Well they would have to be if SMH, Good Food Guide, Cheap Eats and so crown those shanks as being the 'BEST IN SYDNEY' or 'Finger Licking Good Lamb Shanks'. That is why I had to check them out myself that night.

Famous Lamb Shanks

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mad Mex: Fresh Mexican Grill, Broadway

As you walk along the hustle and bustle of George Street near Railway Square, you are will now be officially passing another Mad Mex. If only that opened up during my uni days, it would have changed my life so much more as I could have said good bye to the continuous dinners of Subway and Sumo Salad.

The opening of MAD MEX in BROADWAY
Mad Mex serves fresh, fast, healthy and most importantly authentic Mexican flavours. 'Mad Mex combines the traditional flavours and spices of Mexico with the health-conscious cuisine of California'. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

French Riviera, Haymarket

Ice cream anyone? French Riviera is one of my favourite places to hang, especially with a large group of friends. I don't think I need to say anymore because I will let this picture speak for itself. 

Maxi Tower, 35 scoops - $48

Thainabox, Burwood

Thainabox is a tiny Thai restaurant along Burwood Road amongst all the other pizzeria restaurants. As small as it is however, it seems to be quite popular and did I mention they have gigantic servings?

Lamb Pad Thai - $15.50

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Coffee Warehouse: Cafe & Deli, Homebush

Ever since I have set my eyes on this 'warehouse', I have been wanting to take a visit. Coffee Warehouse is located in an unusual area around the corner from the Bakehouse Quarters along Parramatta Road however regardless of its odd location, it still brings in a lot of customers. The gigantic coffee machine was also quite a fascination. 

Coffee Warehouse

Grilled, Darling Harbour

I have always wondered about the possibility of having the word 'healthy' and 'burger' together in the same sentence but I think Grilled has answered the question for me. Their burgers are made with fresh and high quality ingredients so that you wont feel bloated or heavy afterwards. 

Tuscun Delight chicken burger - $11.90

Monday, August 22, 2011

Prague Beer Restaurant, Potts Point

I can now officially tick off Prague food off my 'to try cuisine list'. Prague Beer may be a little hard to find because it is tucked away from the busyness of Kings Cross Station and from the outside, the restaurant is a house with its main entrance in a small alley way.

Traditional Bohemian Party Dish - $25

Fat Buddha Chinese Restaurant, Sydney

I am an Asian and it is my solemn duty as an Asian to try out as many different yum cha restaurants in Sydney as possible. Fat Buddha is found on Level 2 of the Queen Victoria Building and is surrounded by a lot of traditional features.

Sew Mai Dumplings

Sunday, July 17, 2011

MUMU Grill, Crows Nest

To MUMU or not to MUMU is the question. As you turn away from Ernest Street, you will come across a steakhouse that stretches along Alexander Street which welcomes you to MUMU Grill. The atmosphere within the restaurant was lively, the food came out insanely fast and the waiters/waitresses were attentive and polite.

Kimel Aged Sirloin, 400 grams - $39.90

Saturday, July 16, 2011

House Thai, Surry Hills

A Thai restaurant without pad thai nor pad see ew? Now that is a first for me. House is a Thai restaurant however its food is based on the north east streets of Thailand. They serve predominately salads, grilled meat and hot stews so it is very different to your typical thai restaurants. 

Braised beef stew - approx $15

The Dip at Goodgod, Sydney

Can't afford a ticket to America and you want to try out a decent hotdog or missing some good old times canteen treats? The dip at Goodgod would be the ultimate stop for any hungry stomach. The atmosphere was lively and by the time the clock ticked around till 9 pm or so, all tables were pretty much packed out and people started to pack out the place. 

Smoked Kosher Hot Dog - $12

Thursday, July 14, 2011

James Squire Brewhouse, Sydney

I have never heard of James Squire Brewhouse or aka King Street Brewhouse until recently so there was definitely a feeling of excitement when I found out that my work group was visiting there. The place was larger than I thought and the atmosphere was very lively with a great view looking out onto King St Wharf.

Beef Ribs (1KG) and spicy wedges - $46

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Morrocan Feast, Randwick

This was my first visit to Randwick for my stomach and may I say, I must return back to Randwick because there are so many restaurants out there. Based on word of mouth, I have heard that Morrocan Feast served some really hearty dishes. After my experience there, I will now continue to spread the same word of mouth. 

LambTajine with caramelised onion, slow cooked prunes, sultanas,
almonds & cinnamon

The Rice Den, Chatswood

A good meal isn't just about good food; customer service, atmosphere and pricing are just some of the important factors. My recent visit to Rice Den had all the ticks. The restaurant is really small, however I liked it so much more because of the fact that it was small because it gave it that warm and cosy feel.

Singaporean rice noodles

La Bodeguita Cuban Restaurant & Bar, Sydney

La Bodeguita proves why all Sydney siders are just way too spoilt when to the choice of food. So if choices such as Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Morrocan, Thai, Turkish, Lebanese, Greek, Italian and so forth aren't enough for you, then you can now add Cuban food onto your list.

Yoghurt braised lamb and black bean vinaigrette, Cuban rice - $17

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blancmange, Petersham

This is one of the rare few restaurants which I would go back because its food and in particular, it's service was that good. One the things I like about Blancmange is that it is tucked away in its own corner and away from almost everything else. 

The restaurant itself is quite small and the atmosphere was cosy, part of it's layout and service reminded me of my visit to Assiette. This might be strange to say but because it was raining, it made the restaurant so much more cosier.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wildfire Restaurant, Sydney

This is one of the restaurants which I have been quite keen on trying for a while now. Fortunately I had book early so they gave us a better table with a fairly decent view. They Vivid Light Show in Circular Quay was another bonus.

View of Opera House during the Vivid Light Show
The food came out at a reasonable pace which was good because you wouldn't have to dig your face into all the plates of food at once. After walking past the seafood bar, seafood was definitely a must. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Encasa, Sydney

This has probably got to be one of my favourite Spanish restaurants because it feels like one block of Spain has been imported right in the middle of Sydney!  One valuable piece of advice I would give is that if you want you to dine at this restaurant, I would strongly suggest for you to book in advance. This place, just like most other Spanish restaurants, gets booked out fast!