Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Bulgogi, Chatswood

Unfortunately, my Friday night plans didn't go ahead as I had hoped since the Korean BBQ place at Goldmart was booked out! O well, nevertheless, I took the opportunity to try out a new restaurant. The Bulgogi is a Korean restaurant that offers both traditional Korean food as well as Korean BBQ. By the time we arrived, it was 7.30 so we had missed the 6 pm promotion by a mile. 

Variety of Japanese and Korean entree's and sides

The standard buffet was $47.50 however if you wanted to upgrade, you had two options to choose from being the premium and the premium wagayu buffet for $57.80 and $69.80 per person. In my opinion though, since there is so much meat already, you are better off just getting the standard buffet because you probably wont really get your money's worth.

The good thing about the Bulgogi was that there were a lot of things to choose from and they had a wider variety as there were both Korean and Japanese entre's and sides to choose from such as Agedashi tofu, okonomiyaki, takoyaki and so forth. They even had smoked duck which was quite interesting.
Entree's, Side Dishes & Korean BBQ
Unfortunately though, to my disappointment, there wasn't a wide variety of meat to choose from unlike most other korean bbq places which is surprising since it was a buffet after all. In saying that though, they did have some new types of meat dishes which I hadn't heard of such as Yukki which meat covered in raw egg before being placed on the grill.

Black Seasame and Green Tea Ice cream
Of course we never left until dessert was served. One good thing about this place was that even though you only have 60 mins to order and 90 minutes to eat, a waitor will come around within the last few minutes of ordering time and during that time you can order dessert and ask for it to be served at the end of the meal! 

So here is the golden question - was it worth it?? For almost $50 worth - no I didn't think it was worth it. For a meal that cost $50, you could go probably elsewhere and receieve a better meal in terms of quality and 'value for money'. HOWEVER in saying that though, if you are an absolute meat lover with a very very large stomach space, then people like you will definately get the most value of these types of buffet!

- 380 Victoria Ave. Chatswood NSW 2067

Gotta go eat!! 

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