Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pizza E Birra, Surry Hills

It was raved all over SMH's Good living Guide for their top pizza and beer's! But was it worth waiting in line for over an hour? Kind of but not completely that worth it., mainly because its base was a bit of a let down.  In my most humble opinion there was no doubt about the fact that the restaurant was insanely popular - people were willing to wait 40 minutes just for a table of two!!! Let alone an hour's worth of wait for table of seven! The atmosphere w/in the restaurant was so vibrant! Luckily, there were so many bars around us that the one hour's worth of wait barely felt like an hour!

Aramumi - $7 per bowl
Pumpkin Balsamic Salad w/ Pine nuts
These rice balls were probably my top two favourite dishes of the nigh. The best way to describe it was like a deep fried pizza mushed up into a ball with a bit of rice. The cheese and the tomato sauce went so well with the deep fried skin of the ball! It is definately a must try for those who have not yet been.
Vegetarian Spinach and Cheese w/ Prawn
Being a meat lover, surprisingly, I always enjoy a good vegetarian pizza if I ever step foot at a pizza bar. This spinach and prawn pizza served its justice for the night or perhaps I am just a tad biased because I love my spinach. The spinach wasn't too strong and it was well balanced with the tomato sauce base. The only left down however, and this applies to all their pizzas, was that the base was soft and a bit soggy. It didn't have that crunchy base!! which to me is the most important part of the pizza. 

Dravola Pizza filled with Salami and Mushrooms
Parmigiana Pizza w/ Eggplant
I actually couldn't remember which pizza was what but they both tasted very similar - either way my point being is that those pizzas tasted fairly average so for pizzas like those, it wasn't' really worth the wait. It tasted nice in terms of its flavour, crust and so forth but it wasn't anything special.

Frulti De Mare - aka Seafood platter on a pizza
This was my by far, my favorite pizza of the night. The seafood tasted great but surprisingly, the tomato sauce base was a bit spicy and it was that sauce that took the pizza to an extra level. This pizza alone as well as those rice balls made it worth the wait. Everything went so well with each other - definitely was as good as art! 

Pizza E Birra Pizza - Salami w/ cheese and stuffed cust
I quite liked this dish even though it wasn't that special mainly because there was a bit more salt on the dish than the others. The stuffed crust could have been better if it had been stuffed w/ cheese or another ingredient as opposed to dough.

All their pizzas were around $17 to $23 which is pretty good seeing as though the restaurant was located in the heart of Surry Hills. It turned out to be $25 per person between 7 people which was definitely affordable! So for those who haven't been, may I suggest that you ensure that everyone arrives on time because you wont be able to take part in the queue until everyone arrives. 

Pizza E Birra
- 500 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Gotta go eat!!

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