Saturday, February 26, 2011

Goldmart Korean BBQ, Chatswood

There are so many Korean BBQ's in the heart of Sydney, Eastwood, Chatswood, Strathfield and so forth but really out of all those restaurants, which are the better ones. Madang is clearly one of my ultimate favourites but another favourite of mine is definately Goldmart. Fresh from the butcher is the only way I can sum it up in a few words! 
Korean BBQ Meat sizzling away

I wouldn't even call it a restaurant, it is more like a sheltered area with a handful of korean bbq stoves owned by the Korean Grocery store, Goldmart. Inside the grocery store is the butcher where you purchase all your fresh meat. The meats are fairly decently priced, being around $12 per KG for marinated ribs and around $20 per box of wagyu meat. The  rice and veges were also quite average. The only thing I find expensive about this place is a $5 charge per person to use their BBQ stoves. Though, I guess it is expected that you will be charged some form of usage fee at places like such.

Vegetables avaialable for purchase for Korean BBQ
Korean BBQ meat for sale
Put two and two together - total price $66.20 (including stove usage)
You can definately taste the difference in the freshness of the meat in comparison to all your other restaurants out there. If you cook it right, everything taste soft and juicy. Surprisingly, even the wagyu beef tastes good without the sauce, you can even taste the natural sweetness within the meat!

Wagyu beef and mushroom
The feast!
Once you step food into Goldmart, I can almost guarentee that you wont find many other places as good as this. The only downside is that their service can be quite poor. For example, we had to ask about 5 times for our sauces while our meat was sizzling away. No water is provided to you, you need to request it a few times. Rice doesn't come till 5 years later as well. Overall though, it is definately worth giving it a go! 

Gold Mart Korean BBQ
28 Anderson Street, Chatswood NSW 2067
Phone: 94198104 

Gotta go eat!!


  1. This place is just around the corner from where I live. Must try this some day!

  2. It's really good hahaha, prob my favourite korean bbq restaurant! lol

  3. The place is great! The service isn't that bad...the rice came out after our 2nd request:-)

    Since "Self-service" is the main characteristic of the place, so don't expect a normal "waiter" always nearby to take your orders. It would be best to buy drinks (aloe vera drink, softdrinks, ricemilk, flavoured tea, etc) directly from the shop - much cheaper than the beverages served in normal restaurants anyway.

  4. Autum - I think the service varies, sometimes it is okay, sometimes I feel like it doesn't even exist LOL But it still stands as one of my favs :)

  5. Best BBQ ever!!!!!!!!!!! I recommend this restaurant to people who are new to Chatswood.

  6. Their food and beverage is sooooooooooo good~~~~~ Who cares abouth the $5 charge???? It's not that expensive, it's dirt cheap. The service is 100% perfect to me......

    1. Hi there - The $5 charge is cheap but I believe it is best to let people be aware of the charge :)

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  8. Goldmart BBQ is the best charcoal bbq restaurant in Sydney where is sooooo goooood fresh meats from the butcher and pay only the seating charge $5!!!!!!
    The service is same as the normal fence restaurant and cheap korean ice cream only $1.....