Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pho Pasteur

Okay so you aren't in Bankstown nor Cabramatta and your craving Pho in the middle of Parramatta . . . well thank goodness there is a Pho Pasteur at Parramatta. The flavours are all there (nor was it too salty) so it will definitely satisfy your cravings.

Special Beef Noodle Soup, Regular - $10.50

I have to admit though, the prices are a bit higher than most other restaurants for a bowl of pho as it is usually around $7 to $8. However must I say, their servings are massive! Their regular servings seem to feel like its more of a large as opposed to a regular.

Spring Rolls - I think these were around $7.00
These freshly spring rolls tasted so good with the lettuce. It was the first time I had spring rolls wrapped around with lettuce and I think from now on, I'm definitely going to request lettuce with my spring rolls. The lettuce itself helped balance out the deep fried skin of the spring roll which is why I guess tasted so much more different that your typical asian spring roll! 

Pho Pasteur
- 137 Church Street Parramatta 2150

Gotta go eat!! 

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