Sunday, April 3, 2011

Grand Peal Seafood Restaurant, Canley Vale

This seafood restaurant only opened up weeks ago so it would be interesting to taste their newly created dishes.Even though the restaurant looks small from afar, it actually has an upstairs so it can cater for large groups. It even has a decent sound system upstairs so Karaoke is also available while on the dine!

Since unfortunately their website is down, I cannot confirm how much their banquets are priced. I had paid $50 for this 8 course banquet however I believe that this cost usually does not cover your usual soft drinks and so forth. Was it worth it in my opinion? It was alright; for the types of food you were given, yes it was worth it such as crab, pippies, peking duck and so forth.

Peking Duck
San Choy Bau - i.e. stir fry with duck wrapped around lettuce
Shanghainese Hot and Sour Soup
Pippies with fried noodles
Pepper sauce crab
Crispy Skin Chicken
Fried Rice
Salt and pepper squid
The thing that let down their dishes (and especially for one with an asian background) was that the taste of the food was catered more for the Western taste buds as it lacked some authentic flavours. There was also way too much salt in their food. By the end of the night, not only was I dying of thirst but I could still taste the salt in my mouth. For some dishes that were meant to be salty such as the salt and pepper squid, there were barely any salt in it. 

Another thing was that by being a seafood restaurant, I would expect the restaurant to serve fresh seafood. I could be wrong about this but the crab didn't taste fresh which is why I thought they had used excess amounts of pepper sauce to cover this up. Their fish however was quite decent, even though it was a 'fresh swimming fish', it was still quite nice. It wasn't too salty and the sweetness from their sauce balanced out all their flavours.

Overall, I would suggest that if you are looking for authentic asian food then this restaurant may not be the place to go. However in saying that, if you are looking to take people with a more western pallette then this would be the perfect restaurant for them. 

- 56 Canley Vale Road, Canley Vale

Gotta go eat!!

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