Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wildfire Restaurant, Sydney

This is one of the restaurants which I have been quite keen on trying for a while now. Fortunately I had book early so they gave us a better table with a fairly decent view. They Vivid Light Show in Circular Quay was another bonus.

View of Opera House during the Vivid Light Show
The food came out at a reasonable pace which was good because you wouldn't have to dig your face into all the plates of food at once. After walking past the seafood bar, seafood was definitely a must. 

Pacific Oysters - $4.50 each
The oysters tasted quite fresh; the meat was soft and a dash of lemon with some champagne mignonette dressing helped bring out the natural flavour of the oyster itself. Once in your mouth, the meat of the oyster itself melted in your mouth. It was definitely a good batch of oysters and the highlight dish of the night. 

Sourdough - $10.00
Seasoned baby carrots - $13
Hand Cut Chips - $13.00
Since we were ordering the Churrasco's, the waiter suggested us to order some some dishes because it didn't come with any vegetables. The sourdough was quite hard on the outside and at one point, I thought my teeth were going to break off. The cute baby carrots wasn't anything out of the ordinary which was not surprising however it was a good break from all the meat that came flooding in. The chips were well salted and it was really fluffy on the inside.

Mix of the Entree's accompanied with the Churrasco menu
Mix of the Entree's accompanied with the Churrasco Menu
The good thing about the entree's was that it had a lot of variety, it even had a sashimi salad which you can see in the second photo above. The stuffed capsicums looked interesting and it tasted so well with the pesto. If I could, I would have poured a few spoonfuls of pesto all over it. The mini fried prawns was disappointing as it didn't taste anything that special.

One thing to note is that part of what you pay for is fresh and more importantly, premium quality ingredients. As simple as olives can be, you could taste the good quality of those olives.

Churrasco Meat - $67 per person (lamb, sword fish, calamari, beef)
Cinnamon pineapple
The meat in a good way, was no where near as salty as the meat you get at Brazilian bbq such as Braza. They had different types of meat but the variety was not as wide as Braza. 

The parts of the meat which were salty wasn't overly salty which meant you could still use your taste buds to distinguish different flavours after your bites of meat. 

The chicken was extremely succulent and soft. There was so much juices coming out of all the meats. The only let down was the sword fish and calamari where it was tough and a bit dry. The cinnamon pineapple was juicy but burnt (quite burnt in fact) and tasted richer than I recall for it to be.

Overall, the food was good in some areas but a bit of a let down in some other areas. Their customer service in general in my opinion could have been better. I personally dont mind paying for what we consume, including water however in exchange, I would expect to have proper customer service. I felt that the waiter which we had was a bit pushy (and rush) in terms of we wanted to choose and the amount of each items. 

For example, we ordered some oysters however he didn't ask how many oysters we wanted and assumed we would order a dozen of oysters between two even though the minimum was six. He also didn't ask about type of dressing and specific type of oysters which we wanted on the oysters which was a massive let down. I would have expected better customer service that than. 

- Overseas Passenger Terminal, George Street, The Rocks NSW 2000

Gotta go eat!!

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