Sunday, June 26, 2011

La Bodeguita Cuban Restaurant & Bar, Sydney

La Bodeguita proves why all Sydney siders are just way too spoilt when to the choice of food. So if choices such as Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Morrocan, Thai, Turkish, Lebanese, Greek, Italian and so forth aren't enough for you, then you can now add Cuban food onto your list.

Yoghurt braised lamb and black bean vinaigrette, Cuban rice - $17

This was my first time trying out Cuban food so I wasn't exactly sure of what to expect. The restaurant had only been opened in early May 2011 so it is still quite new. Service was great and the food came out within reasonable time.

The servings weren't that large however it was more filling that you would expect it to be. The lamb was tender and nothing in that bowl was dominant. The saltiness, the beans and the rice worked so well with the lamb and especially, since the bowl was not drowned in beans (which is what  I had feared). The only one thing I didn't like was that I wish they gave us more as I was still a tad hungry after.

Potato, beef and creole Salsa - $17
The potatoes were really fluffy on the outside. For those that ordered this as a main, it was perhaps just too much potato in a dish so if you want to order this, you are best off sharing. The beef on the inside and the red onion did try to balance out the amount of potato in the dish.

For $17 as their lunch specials, it was expensive considering the fact that you don't come out their completely full. In saying that though, you are paying for the quality of the food rand freshness of the ingredients rather than the quantity of the serving.

- 125 York Street, Sydney NSW

Gotta go eat!!

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