Sunday, June 26, 2011

Morrocan Feast, Randwick

This was my first visit to Randwick for my stomach and may I say, I must return back to Randwick because there are so many restaurants out there. Based on word of mouth, I have heard that Morrocan Feast served some really hearty dishes. After my experience there, I will now continue to spread the same word of mouth. 

LambTajine with caramelised onion, slow cooked prunes, sultanas,
almonds & cinnamon
The food in general, came out relatively fast considering the amount of dishes we had ordered. Each dish was different in its own way which made the experience so much more exciting.

Spicy meat Moroccan Cigars with Tahini - $12

Cabbage salad with coriander and fresh herbs
Eggplant dip, seasoned with garlic, lemon & salt
Chickpea salad, made with Moroccan Feast’s special spice recipe
Unfortunately, do to the low lighting within the restaurant, I was unable to take decent photos  of some of the dishes. For this reason, I have only uploaded the more so decent ones. N

Nevertheless, we had ordered the 'Agadir Feast : A Moroccan Feast “must'' in the large  ($26) which came with a variety of dips and many more. One of the favourites was the 'Fez Matbuh, tangy , rich marinade of tomato, capsicum, chilli & garlic' which was basically a tasty hot salsa. Another favourite was the chickpea salad and the garlic with eggplant. All the dips were different in each way so it was hard to pin point which was the favourite of the night. The garlic with eggplant had a very very strong garlic taste while the chickpea salad was subtle in terms of flavour.

The cigars aka spring rolls were also tasty however in my opinion, it wasn't anything that special.

Moroccan Moussaka (dairy free): Layers of eggplant, beef
mince & potato , baked in our tomato & chili sauce - $24
Meat Balls – made with premium beef, slowly cooked in Moroccan
Feast’s home made tomato sauce, served with olives - $23
Fish : Moroccan style Barramundi fillet with chick peas in a moreish
reduction of chili, coriander, turmeric, garlic & paprika oil - $26
LambTajine with caramelised onion, slow cooked prunes, sultanas,
almonds & cinnamon - $27
The food on a while was very hearty and the servings are more filling than it seems, especially since there were generous amounts of meat and couscous. The eggplant wasn't too oily (since eggplants are oily in nature) and the chilli wasn't that strong. The meatballs were one of the favourites because the meatballs were so tender and smooth and it was packed full of your usual morrocan spices.   

The fish in my opinion, was a bit of a disappointment. The fish itself was nice however it was  over powered by the tomatoes which meant it was hard to distinguish the taste of other ingredients. The lamb however was really interesting because it was really sweet. If you had the lamb by itself, it was too sweet. With couscous though, the sweetness was reduced to a more tolerable level. 

An extra bonus for those who own a copy of the Sydney Entertainment book as there is a voucher side.
- 127 Avoca Street, Randwick

Gotta go eat!!

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