Saturday, July 16, 2011

House Thai, Surry Hills

A Thai restaurant without pad thai nor pad see ew? Now that is a first for me. House is a Thai restaurant however its food is based on the north east streets of Thailand. They serve predominately salads, grilled meat and hot stews so it is very different to your typical thai restaurants. 

Braised beef stew - approx $15
The food were very well seasoned and came out super fast. Most of their dishes at House are spicy but you can ask for them to separate the spices which is good for those who can't handle spicy food. Most of their dishes came with this spicy fish sauce which went so well with pretty much almost all of their dishes. It gave it an extra tangy flavour as well as helping bringing out the natural flavours of the ingredients.

Grilled Chicken - approx $16
Grilled Barramundi
Spicy seafood hotpot
Grilled skewers - $10
Their grilled dishes were really tasty because there was so much flavour glazed over the meat, especially their chicken because the meat was tender and juicy. The barramundi was annoying to eat though because there were way too many bones in that fish so it was quite exhausting in being to just get to the meat itself. 

Their soups were definitely a winning dish in Winter because it was served over the mini hot stove. The only thing I didn't like was that the spicy seafood soup was excessively spicy and the meat stew was too salty towards the end. The spices and the salt was what ruined the dish even though the beef itself was still tender.

Unfortunately, I am unable to remember the prices of all the dishes. The bill totaled $84 including 2 rice refills so it worked out to be $21 per person. So for those who want to try and experience a new kind of thai food, then you must definitely list down House in pen. 

- 202 Elizabeth St. Surry Hills

Gotta go eat!!

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