Thursday, July 14, 2011

James Squire Brewhouse, Sydney

I have never heard of James Squire Brewhouse or aka King Street Brewhouse until recently so there was definitely a feeling of excitement when I found out that my work group was visiting there. The place was larger than I thought and the atmosphere was very lively with a great view looking out onto King St Wharf.

Beef Ribs (1KG) and spicy wedges - $46

Greek Garden Salad - $5
I went with a group of 40 or more and the food had came out relatively fast, though I am not sure if it was because we had pre-ordered. I wasn't sure how big exactly the ribs were going to be even though the menu said they weighed 1 KG since beef ribs normally do come with larger and heavier bones.

When they came out, I honestly was a bit disappointed because I did think it would be bigger than that. It was enough to feed one however for $46, it was pricey even if the location was on King Street Wharf.

Even though the wedges were barely spicy, the flavours of the ribs were tasty because the sauce wasn't overly sickening unlike Hurricanes. The ribs were very tender and succulent which helped justified its price because you were paying for the quality of the dish (and meat) as opposed to the quantity.

If I were to return back again, I may consider going for the lamb ribs instead. Even though they are 1/2 a KG, the bones are admittedly smaller and so is the price.

James Squire Brewhouse aka King Street Brewhouse
- 22 The Promenade, King Street Wharf, Sydney

Gotta go eat!!

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