Sunday, July 17, 2011

MUMU Grill, Crows Nest

To MUMU or not to MUMU is the question. As you turn away from Ernest Street, you will come across a steakhouse that stretches along Alexander Street which welcomes you to MUMU Grill. The atmosphere within the restaurant was lively, the food came out insanely fast and the waiters/waitresses were attentive and polite.

Kimel Aged Sirloin, 400 grams - $39.90

Organic Wagyu meatballs with spicy tomato sauce - $11.90
Firstly as a side note: the lighting was a bit dim so I don't think my camera works did much justice to the meals however my commentary will make up some grounds. This entree reminded me of my visits to Kazbah as I dipped the bread into the spicy tomato 'sauce'. All the flavours in that sauce was well balanced but more importantly was that the tomato didn't over power the other ingredients within that sauce. The meatballs were a tad dry but dipping it back into the sauce made up for it. 

The only thing I wished that it could of had was more spice though when it comes to the level of spice, I guess it is always each to their own.
Rib Combo with Beef short ribs with baby back pork ribs, accompanied with chips and greens - $36.90
Kimel Aged Sirloin, 400 grams - $39.90
Must I say that aged sirloin was the ultimate highlight of the night, it was that good. It was that dish that made me want to go back for more. Thank goodness for the waitor to convince my partner to have it cooked medium. The meat was tender and juicy (though credit must be given to the fact that the meat was aged) and the seasoning and crust on the outside was what elevated it to an extra level. I regret sharing that dish because I wanted all of it to myself. 
The meat itself on both the pork and beef ribs were tender however the bbq flavour on the pork ribs were too sweet for my own liking. I preferred the beef ribs more because the meat was juicier and chewier even if the pork had more flavour to it.

Brown Sugar Pavlova - $16.90
There is always room for dessert even if my stomach is full. The pavlova was a refreshing dessert with the help of the pineapple and passion fruit sauce. The base of the pavlova was really sweet and chewy however it was the cream and the fruits that helped counter out the sweetness. When you eat everything together, it gives you with this sweet and sour taste and the chewiness of the pavlova which is what I had expected.

An extra bonus for those who have purchased the 2011/12 Sydney entertainment book because it offers a complementary meal when a meal is purchased. I rarely say this but MUMU is a place that I would definitely go back regardless if I had the card or not. 

70 Alexander St, Crows Nest

Gotta go eat!!

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