Sunday, August 28, 2011

Coffee Warehouse: Cafe & Deli, Homebush

Ever since I have set my eyes on this 'warehouse', I have been wanting to take a visit. Coffee Warehouse is located in an unusual area around the corner from the Bakehouse Quarters along Parramatta Road however regardless of its odd location, it still brings in a lot of customers. The gigantic coffee machine was also quite a fascination. 

Coffee Warehouse

Grilled, Darling Harbour

I have always wondered about the possibility of having the word 'healthy' and 'burger' together in the same sentence but I think Grilled has answered the question for me. Their burgers are made with fresh and high quality ingredients so that you wont feel bloated or heavy afterwards. 

Tuscun Delight chicken burger - $11.90

Monday, August 22, 2011

Prague Beer Restaurant, Potts Point

I can now officially tick off Prague food off my 'to try cuisine list'. Prague Beer may be a little hard to find because it is tucked away from the busyness of Kings Cross Station and from the outside, the restaurant is a house with its main entrance in a small alley way.

Traditional Bohemian Party Dish - $25

Fat Buddha Chinese Restaurant, Sydney

I am an Asian and it is my solemn duty as an Asian to try out as many different yum cha restaurants in Sydney as possible. Fat Buddha is found on Level 2 of the Queen Victoria Building and is surrounded by a lot of traditional features.

Sew Mai Dumplings