Sunday, August 28, 2011

Coffee Warehouse: Cafe & Deli, Homebush

Ever since I have set my eyes on this 'warehouse', I have been wanting to take a visit. Coffee Warehouse is located in an unusual area around the corner from the Bakehouse Quarters along Parramatta Road however regardless of its odd location, it still brings in a lot of customers. The gigantic coffee machine was also quite a fascination. 

Coffee Warehouse
The cafe was quite packed which help add to excitement in the atmosphere and there was also a barista at the front of the cafe for those interested in a coffee tasting. The food came out extremely fast but the service can also be quite slow as well as we  had witnessed the table next to us sittting in frustration while our food and drinks came flooding out. 

Regular Latte - $4.00
Regular Cap - $4.00
Admittedly I am not a coffee expert but I would expect for Coffee Warehouse to serve some decent coffee. The coffee went down really smoothly as there weren't any lumps of coffee and the frothing had a lot of bubbles. It made me feel so warm and cosy after a few sips so it clearly didn't fail to meet my expectations.

Linguini Granchio - $18.50
Traditional Pepperoni Pizza - $18.00
The pasta was really good because it was so hot (temperature wise)  the pasta had elasticity, all the ingredients were balanced perfectly. I would definitely come back for their pasta, it was that good. The pizza tasted average in comparison to the pasta. It tasted like any other pizza you would find at an average Italian restaurant however I did notice that they used some fresh tomatoes because you could taste the freshness and natural flavours of the tomato on the base of the pizza.

Coffee Warehouse: Cafe & Deli
- 17-35 Parramatta Road, Homebush

Gotta go eat!! 


  1. Thanks for the review! It looks like an interesting cafe to try out for coffee lovers like ourselves =)

  2. you are welcome! apparently the coffee place just around the corner (entrance to bakehouse) serves really good coffee too.

  3. you look pretty young. :) hello from melbourne. :D ah, must be lucky for you to be a sydney sider!

  4. Michelle - Hello from Sydney! That photo was taken 2 years ago lol.. haha Your blog will be my checklist the next time I return to Melbourne :)