Monday, August 22, 2011

Fat Buddha Chinese Restaurant, Sydney

I am an Asian and it is my solemn duty as an Asian to try out as many different yum cha restaurants in Sydney as possible. Fat Buddha is found on Level 2 of the Queen Victoria Building and is surrounded by a lot of traditional features.

Sew Mai Dumplings

The first thing I noticed was that there wasn't much variety of dumplings and other yum cha dishes available though they did have your basics and a few other additional dishes such as your deep fried taro dumplings, fried eggplant, vegetable and scallop dumplings.

Vegetable and seafood dumplings
Salt and Pepper Squid - $15.90
Chicken Feet
Mince pork gluten dumplings
Mango sago pudding - $9.50
In my opinion, their food isn't all that special. Their sew mai was as tasty as Zilver or other large yum cha places however it definitely did taste healthier in the sense there was less MSG and pork fat used. Their chicken feet were smaller but there were more of items to make up for it and the pork mince dumplings were nice. The salt and pepper squid was a bit of a disappointment because it was soggy but that wouldn't have been the Chef's fault because it must have been on the serving plate for a while.

The major disappointment however was the mango sago pudding which contained no real mango and barely any sago. I understand that it isn't mango season and have replaced it with paw paw instead but it was extremely extremely sweet to the point it tasted artificially. Sadly the say, the dish did not do any justice to the restaurant.

Even though the service was decent, the pricing of some of their dishes was over priced such as the salt and pepper squid as well as the mango sago. Fair enough the serving of the mango sago was generous but the salt and pepper squid was small for its price.

- Level 2, QVB, 429-481 George Street Sydney 

Gotta go eat!!


  1. NO HAR GOW?! You can't have yumcha without har gow!!!

    lol either you softened your blog post, or you made it sound a LOT worse on fb...

  2. Oh I shall blame it on today's eating buddy haha as she didn't want har gow.

    It was okay, just up until the Sago.. plus I try to maintain my opinions at some what a professional level..

  3. How disappointing... I was in QVB the other day and the extravagant advertising wanted me to try it at once. :(

  4. I'll admit, it is catered predominately for the caucasians. Alternatively, you should try Palace in Piccadilly or Sky Pheonix if you aren't able to venture down to Chinatown/Haymarket.