Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cafe Ish, Surry Hills

I always heart a decent brunch, especially on a rainy gloomy day. Cafe Ish is an Australian and Japanese cafe that offers organic ingredients in its dishes. It is their signature dish however that attracts so many of their customers so I just had to find out myself what all the hype was about. 

Vege Omelette - $16.50 & Fetta Cheese - $4
Unfortunately no one on the table had ordered their signature dish, Crab Omelet, as it was a tad early for soft shell crab but the Vege Omelet was still really tasty! The photo itself doesn't really show but most of their servings are quite massive, especially their omelets. 
Peace and Quiet - $4
Miso Soup - $4
Large Fries with Wasabi Mayo and tomato sauce - $6
Veg Ish - $16.50
Little Ish - $11.50 & Crocodile Sausage - $5.00
The miso soup wasn't as traditional as most other Japanese restaurants or cafe but in fact, I think it tasted even better. There were large chunks of real tofu, shallots and spinach rather than tiny little cubes of tofu and so forth which made the soup a bit more exciting. 

The crocodile sausage was slightly disappointing because I was expecting the serving to be a lot bigger. Though, I guess the food is organic and especially considering it is crocodile meat, part of the cost is for the quality rather than quantity. 

The cafe is small but extremely cosy with comfy 'couches', I would definitely recommend this place to everyone, especially for those who have not yet been. I hope next time I visit Cafe Ish, I will actually be in good health to try out that crab omlette. 

- 82 Campbell Street, Surry Hills

Gotta go eat!!

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