Sunday, September 4, 2011

French Riviera, Haymarket

Ice cream anyone? French Riviera is one of my favourite places to hang, especially with a large group of friends. I don't think I need to say anymore because I will let this picture speak for itself. 

Maxi Tower, 35 scoops - $48
Banana Split - $25.00

Waffle with Maple Syrup and Vanilla ice cream - $15.00

All the ice cream at French Riviera is 'home made' and must I say, their hazelnut ice cream is like heaven. It is really smooth and the hazelnut flavour is quite dominant which in my opinion is a good thing because I really dislike eating ice cream when you can't even taste the flavour of the ice cream itself.

The maxi ice cream tower is recommended to be shared between 6 to 8 people and you can pretty much try all the flavours that exist at French Riviera (or ask for extra hazelnut if your a fan like me). Unfortunately, over the previous years, the size of the tower has shrunk however in saying that though, there is more ice cream at the base which makes up for it but the novelty of it still remains. 
- 68 Liverpool Street, Sydney
- 5 Knox Street, Double Bay

Gotta go eat!!

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