Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mad Mex: Fresh Mexican Grill, Broadway

As you walk along the hustle and bustle of George Street near Railway Square, you are will now be officially passing another Mad Mex. If only that opened up during my uni days, it would have changed my life so much more as I could have said good bye to the continuous dinners of Subway and Sumo Salad.

The opening of MAD MEX in BROADWAY
Mad Mex serves fresh, fast, healthy and most importantly authentic Mexican flavours. 'Mad Mex combines the traditional flavours and spices of Mexico with the health-conscious cuisine of California'. 

With thanks to Suart Fyfe from 6dc, I was invited to the launch of Mad Mex's new store at Broadway. During this launch, I was also lucky enough to witness Clovis Young (director and founder of Mad Mex) to get his hands on that night to give us a lesson or two on the endless amounts of chillies, the strengths of tequila and some cooking techniques.  

Clovis Young making one of their Salsas
Adding different types of chilli into the salsa - significant change in colour
From what I learnt that night, even though you add in chunks load of chillies doesn't always mean it is going to be extremely hot regardless of the changes in colour rather in my opinion, it may just help lift up some other flavours with a hot of heat.

Tortilla Chips
Tortilla Chip w/ Salsa
Did anyone say Tequila: Tres Generaciones, Hornitos, Jose Cuervo Especia
Mad Mex's Tortilla chips were extremely light and crunchy and it accompanied the salsa really well, especially because the salsa tasted so fresh and light.

One thing you should also know is that the Meixcans don't do it the way the Belgians when it comes to 'beer and fries', rather its more 'Tequilas and Tortillas' and must I say, that Hornitos was definitely some strong stuff; no wonder it was $100 a bottle.

Even though I missed out on Mad Mex during my uni days, I will definitely be making it up at lunch times once the next store opens up in the Myer Food Court at Pitt Street Mall. 

Mad Mex: Fresh Mexican Grill

- 815 George Street, Broadway
- Shop 406A, Level 4,  Macquarie Centre, North Ryde

Gotta go eat!!


  1. the band was quite fun although after a while it was hard to think and talk because they were so loud hehe :-)

  2. Yeah it was! but I was actually quite surprised because I turn around I suddenly see a band smack bang in the middle of the restaurant lol!