Saturday, September 24, 2011

Noseys Boutique Wine

A thank you to Daniela Penno from Pokadot PR for inviting me to take part in the launch of Noseys Boutique Wine, a boutique online wine retailer in Sydney, at the Sol Lounge Bar. The main advantage of being an online retailer is that your wines can be delivered right to your door step, just in time for you to share with your group of friends that same night.

Non Vintage Rose', Tasmania
A thank you to Noseys for the goodie bag to take home
 The website shows nine categories (Bubbly, Fresh, Mellow, Rich, Rosy, Blush, Smooth, Deep and Sweet). 'The wines which are part of each category share the same characteristics i.e. aromatics, big on flavour, sophisticated, good for a sunny afternoon or a perfect match for a certain meal.'

A launch of a wine retailer is not a proper launch unless it involves a knowledgeable lesson on wine though some wine tasting. I was also lucky enough to meet Bas Hegge in person, owner of Noseys Boutique Wine, to explain to me the different types wines available.

Kinklewood, Francesca Rose 2010
Derwent Estate Wines, Pinot Noir 2008
Patina Mudgee Shriaz 2005
Narkoojee, The Athlestan Merlot, 2005
Geoff Weaver, Sauvignon Blanc 2010

Man O' War, Pinot Gris 2010
919 Classic Muscat - Dessert Wine
I have came to learn that I love my dessert wine with a passion but I have also listed out some other favourites of mine. One of the more important things Bas Hegge taught us was that you taste with your nose instead of mouth so really, it's more like there is a party in your nose rather than a party in your mouth.
  • Kinklewood Fransca Rose' 2010: The rose petals and the citrus blossom made the wine taste so light. 
  • Geoff Waver, Sauvignon Blanc 2010: The lime, passionfruit, citrus and spice gave a really nice aroma, though a tad dry. 
  • 919 Classic Muscat: This was the winner for me that night, it smelt so strong but when you actually tasted it, the rose petals, raisins and Christmas pudding came together so well. For those who love their sweet dessert wine, I would definitely recommend this. 
Accompanying canapes
Raw Oysters, Smoked Salmon with cream and caviar, peking duck roll

At a wine event, with good wine also comes good food. All the canapes tasted fresh, especially the raw oysters. They were definitely a great accompaniment with those wines.

So next time if you are thinking of hosting a party or just looking to purchase some wine, pay a drop to Noseys Boutique Wine as I am sure it will not fail to disappoint!


Gotta go eat!!


  1. was a fun event. by the way a spelling mistake at the end 'with good wine also comes good good' i assume you mean good food :-)