Saturday, September 24, 2011

Spanish Terrzas, Sydney

I can just never have enough garlic potatoes, it is like the definition of Spanish in my food vocabulary. Spanish Terrazas served up some seriously good garlic potatoes and paellas because there was so much flavour packed into those dishes.

Seafood Paella for two - $58.00
Garlic Potatoes - $14.00
Crumbed Eggplant - $14.00
Spicy Potatoes - $14.00 and Spanish Sausages - $14.50

Spanish Terrazas served up some seriously good garlic potatoes because the garlic and the salt were both equally just as dominant as each other. The potatoes were even better than the ones we had at Encasa. The crumbed eggplant was surprisingly probably my favourite, second to the garlic potatoes. The crumb covering the eggplant on the outside added some texture of the eggplant which made it crispier as opposed to deep frying a normal slice of eggplant.

Chicken Paella for two - $54.50
Vegetarian Paella for two - $49.90
There were so many types of paella on their menu so we just had to try as many as we could fit into out stomachs! The seafood paella was the better out of all the other paellas but in saying that, the vegetarian paella was surprisingly good as well. There was a rich tomato flavour in every single spoonful of rice you had. The only disappointment was that the base of all their paellas were fairly soggy, I could barely find any crunchiness in all the bases.

The atmosphere was fairly lively and it was completely packed out that night. The only negative thing I could say was that their customer service was fairly rushed as they were eager for us leave and prepare for the next batch of customers. They were that popular.

Spanish Terrazas

- 541 Kent Street, Sydney NSW

Gotta go eat!!


  1. Those paellas can't be for two people!! D: They're massive!

  2. Lil - Most paellas for two have fairly decent servings. No complaints because it means more for us! :)