Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blue Mountains Chocolate Company, Katoomba

By the time you finish lunch at the Swiss Cottage Restaurant, you could pretty much work off your lunch by walking down the road to the Blue Mountains Chocolate Company. Alternatively, there is also the option of driving but you will need to pay attention to the sign because the physical outlook of the cafe can be quite misleading.

Blue Mountains Chocolate Company
Blue Mountains Chocolate Company
Hot Chocolate - $5.95
Dunking the chocolate chips into the milk
The look of the hot chocolate made it look really fun because you had to add the chocolate chips into the milk yourself, the candle below heats up your milk and melts the chocolate, then once your done, you can add in more milk.

Generous serving of chocolate chips
The servings of the chocolate chips which you can see was quite generous. The only problem was that there wasn't enough milk. In a way, the good thing is that you can alter the richness of your own hot chocolate, unlike other places where the hot chocolate was extra extra rich to the point it may even be sickening. Any left over chocolate chips would be barely an issue anyways for all those chocolate addicts out there.

Blue Mountains Chocolate Company

- 176 Lurline Street, Katoomba NSW 2780

Gotta go eat!!

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