Monday, October 3, 2011

Swiss Cottage Restaurant, Katoomba

Swiss Cottage was one the highlight meal of the road trip down to Leura and Katoomba. Nothing beats sitting in a warm cosy restaurant tucked away in the quiet streets of Katoomba on a cold pouring day and having some seriously hearty food.

Swiss Cottage Restaurant, Katoomba
Interior of the restaurant
Country Rosti - $15.00
Perhaps it seems to be a 'local' thing but all the waiters and even the shop assistants in Leura and Katoomba that served us were polite and seemed genuinely nice. So not only am I currently missing their food but the niceness of their people too. 

French Onion Soup - $12.00
Country Rosti - $15.00
Vegetarian Rosti- $15.00
Rosti Forestiere - $17.50
The french onion soup was really hearty and for every spoonful of soup I picked up, there was a generous serving of onions. It was like as if they had an endless supply of onions. The melted cheese floating above also went so well with the pieces of bacon.

The rosti as per the menu were an entree sized but the servings were bigger than expected which is always a bonus when that happens. The rosti was drowned in a pile of sauce or mixture of vegetables but the crunchiness of the potato pancake is what makes it so good.

The next time I come back to this cottage, I will definitely need to try out their Escargots, other mains and definitely some dessert. 

- 132 Lurline St, Katoomba NSW 2780, Australia

Gotta go eat!!

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