Friday, October 21, 2011

Tony Romas, Sydney

I love my meat and in particular, I love my ribs. Thankfully, Tony Romas is always alway to satisfy my strong cravings. Their signature barbecue glazed sauce and along with their ribs is what most people crave. Put the two together and your stomach will be in for a massive work out. I haven't had ribs for a while so it was indeed very exciting to nibble on the endless amounts of ribs that night. Best thing is that you can use your hands and get all messy.

Chicken and steak combo with corn on the cob and chips - $44.90

Most of their dishes come with two sides where you can choose between corn on the cob, chips, coleslaw, mash or a classic baked potato. It's a good thing when restaurants do that because you don't have to worry about any additional costs but it is the worst when you can't decide between which sides to get. 

Smokey Beef Ribs with baked potato and cob corn - $37.50
Full slab of pork baby back ribs with cob corn and chips - $39.90
All you can eat Sampler pork ribs with chips - $39.90
All their ribs were all generously glazed with their original barbecue sauce which goes so well with their ribs. After the first bite, all you just want to do is lick their sauce of your fingers or use your hands to pick up some chips. Why? Only because you can. Their meat is quite tender and juicy, it isn't all dried up and tough or overcooked.

Tony Romas have also brought back their 'All You Can Eat' which is basically you can eat as many racks of ribs as you want within the two hours. The only downsides are that your two hours start from the time you are seated and any unfinished food is charged at $2.50 per rack of ribs. You can also get quite sick of their glazed sauce because of the excess amounts of ribs and sauce you consume. 

- 122-123 Sussex Street, Sydney

Gotta go eat!!

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  1. Thanks for the awesome review! Glad you love the ribs. Hope to see you back soon!