Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Christmas feast to remember

It's Christmas eve and the month of December is always my favourite month because everyone is so cheery and you can just feel the festivities in the air. It is also the month where I can feast like a pig and not feel a single drop of guilt for not exercising it off.. until January comes around. There is there is of course the present giving and receiving where you would hope to be on Santa's good list. 


The feast for the night: Roasted turkey, salmon and avocado vol en vents, herb bread, mango and bean salad
Preparation of the turkey: stuff, roasting, basting

The feasting table :)

The Taste recipe used for the Turkey had a pancetta, sage and opinion stuffing. We actually forgot to put salt and pepper in the stuffing but thankfully I am glad we forgot because it tasted sooo perfect. The hardest thing to do was when I was full but I had to have just one more slice - do I choose the stuffing or the turkey? and how much of it?? I don't think remember the last time I tried to force as much as I did into my stomach but just like my other girls, I had to power on because so much effort was invested into that one.single.turkey.

End result: A carrier of a thousand food babies. Solution: 1094819023812093810298301280 hours of exercise after December.

Table centre piece and chocolate dipped strawberries and mandarins

Starting from left: Fruit punch, fruit salad with Nuttella rice crackers, smoked salmon and avocado vol en vents

Mango Cheese cake with my favourite girls: (From left: A. Chu, N. Chow and Wendy and Co)
This is probably one of my favourite blog posts and it is also one my best Christmas I have had in a while. I hope everyone is having just a great Christmas as I did and managed to get on Santa's good list. If you weren't, then better luck next year hehehe

Gotta go eat!!


  1. naw love the bows! merry christmas!

  2. Glad you had an awesome Christmas. Turkey looks delicious.

  3. Chocolate Suze - Merry Christmas to you too!

    Sara, Belly Rumbles - Thanks! I hope you did too :)