Saturday, March 24, 2012

The ultimate foodie's tour guide to Hong Kong

So it was finally time I took a break and fly out of the country for a week or so. I couldn't tell which was more excited, my wardrobe or my stomach. Either way, that debate itself is a another story. Eating and shopping were my top two (and only) priorities so my aim was to fit as much food into my stomach and as much clothes/shoes into my luggage as possible within those 6 days. Thankfully, one naturally grows a second stomach when they are in Asia.

On the way to Hong Kong
Please forgive me for all the photos on this post. I know the quality isn't great because they were all were taken with my iphone and for all those that follow me on Twitter or have subscribed to my facebook fan page, you should know by now that instagram has became my new BFF LOL! 

P.S. this is going to be one very long post.

Breakfast in Hong Kong 
Two minute soup noodle with egg and ham
If it is a cold rainy day (more likely it will be) and if you are in search of some comfort food then you can step into any cafe and order a bowl of 2 minute noodles with egg, ham, sausages and so forth. Next is to order a cup of hot lemon tea as an accompaniment and now you are all set. I know that the concept of ordering two minute noodles at a cafe can sound quite silly but TRUST ME - it is real comfort food, you tummy will be feeling warm and satisfied soon after. 

Pig Blood Congee with Chinese Doughnut
For those that are a bit brave and want to get a taste of the real Hong Kong lifestyle, congee (aka Asian rice porridge) may just be the answer. If you are a true Asian at heart, then you will agree that pig blood jelly is the bomb! I can't explain it to you exactly why it is so good but I just know that pig blood jelly and congee are like the perfect match. If you aren't that brave then that's cool because there are other flavours such as hundred year old egg, fish, beef and so forth. 

Don't judge the restaurant based on its exterior decor because the general rule in Asia is that the uglier and the dirtier the place looks, the better the food is. 

Brunching in Hong Kong
2 Course meal at Brunch Club
I was quite eager to try out Brunch Club in Central especially after hearing all the good things about it. The cafe was really cosy, food wise however I personally I found it over rated. The food itself was good but I could have probably found better elsewhere. I didn't really understand the concept of having lamb served with rice but then again, I needed to remind myself that I was in Hong Kong after all. For it's price of a 2 course meal from $68 HKD onwards though, you can't really complain once you convert it to AUD.

Brunch Club was located at the top of a very steep hill and on the quite side of Central so if you feel like you might be going the wrong way, keep going because you are probably heading in the right direction LOL. 

Roast meat in Hong Kong
Roast duck with lemon milk tea
You can't go wrong with the roast meat when you are over there, you seriously can't (well, at least from my experience). The meat is always so succulent and juicy. Each time I visit Hong Kong, I must always have a serving of one of their roasts before leaving. I do this religiously because it is that good. Plus, you are on holidays so the feeling of guilt does not even exist within you so the food tastes 10 times better! 

Yum Cha in Hong Kong
Yum Cha at Dim Sum Bar
Tim Ho Wan (Hong Kong Station)
It has came to my realisation that Hong Kong's yum cha is half as oily as Sydney's and tastes even better (surprise surprise). Once again, I do not leave Hong Kong until I have had a yum cha session. For starters, one thing that Sydney doesn't have for dessert is the Tonic Medlar and Petal Cake. Hands down everyone -  this is my all time favourite yum cha dish because it seriously just melts in your mouth like no other jelly and yes, it is thatttttttt good. If anyone knows where they can find this in Sydney - PLEASE TELL ME!

The pan fried barbeque pork bun is the signature dish for Tim Ho Wan. After seeing it, you can pretty much guess why as the bun itself is cooked differently to the typical barbeque pork bun you would normally find at most yum cha places. 

Dim Sum Bar in TST was again overrated in my opinion besides their radish pancake. It was pan fried with a crust on the outside and it twas soooo good! If you do visit Dim Sum Bar then that radish pancake is a must get! Service though was one of the best within all of the places I had visited; a small piece of pork had fallen onto the floor which was seriously no issue but they made up for it with a complementary dessert dish which was really thoughtful of them. 

Seafood in Hong Kong 

Seafood Stands on Lamma Island
Seafood at Lamma Island
Lamma Island is one of the places where the serious seafood action is at. The whole island on both sides have restaurants all lined up serving predominately one thing: seafood, seafood and more seafood. Lamma Island is only accessible by ferry. One option is to catch a bus from Causeway Bay or Central to Admiralty and from there you can catch the ferry to Lamma Island. Is the worth the trip? If you are a seafood lover then YES definitely!

Hot Pot in Hong Kong 

Seafood platter from Megan's Kitchen Hot Pot
This was my first time having hot pot in Hong Kong and oh em gee, all I need to say is that I need to up my game the next time I am organising a hot pot. The one at Megan's Kitchen in Wan Chai was so good, no wonder it was awarded one Michelin star. There was so many types of items to choose from and so much variety including different variety of fish balls (being such a basic hot pot item).

I highly recommend this to anyone who is craving hot pot in Hong Kong and is happy to pay some extra money for good quality food. The seafood was so fresh that part of the crab was still moving (slightly disturbed) but you were at least certain it was fresh. Their udon were also soft and the texture was also slightly chewy - twas perfecto!

Multicultural Food in Hong Kong 
Chicken Skewers at Yardbird
Deep fried cauliflower at Yardbird
Thai Vermicelli Salad at Lil Siam

Jumbo Cocktail at Wild Fire
Vegetarian Pizza and Seafood Linguine at Wild Fire
The non Hong Kong food was better than expected. Lil Siam in Soho was surprisingly a lot better than expected. It was much more chilli than the thai food I have had in Sydney. My visit to Soho was also a surprise because there was so many different types of cultured food within all the small streets from Thai to Neapolitan to Spanish.  
Yardbird in Sheung Wan is a must visit. Their signature skewers are made from organic chicken and each skewer is a different body part of the chicken which made the menu quite funky!  Caution: you will need to climb up x thousand sets of stairs to get to the restaurant.

If you want to avoid the lines at Yardbird then I suggest going early even if it means you will be having the world's earliest dinner at 6 pm or something.

Street Food in Hong Kong
Street Food from Mong Kok
I HEART HONG KONG STREET FOOD. That is all. It is not only so cheap but it tastes so authentic! Curry fish balls ftw peeps! Each time when I see and smell all this food laid out right in front of my eyes in the middle of the street, I can't help but get excited! The atmosphere and the crowds open my second or third stomach so no matter how full I am, I can always squeeze it in.

If you are curious but aren't sure if the food itself is 'clean and safe' then check out the surrounding crowd. If it is packed out, you can place a safe bet that it is clean and good to eat.

High Tea in Hong Kong
High tea at Cafe Gray
There was so much food on that tier and it is more filling than it appears to be. Some of the foods on Cafe Gray's tier were a hit and miss - some were good, some not so good unfortunately. I also did find that some of their sandwiches were not as fresh which was a big let down. Perhaps I am harsh and have high expectations but I always walk into a high tea venue and expect that all (or most of)  their items will be just as good as each other. Mission yet to be accomplished!

Dessert in Hong Kong 
Agnes B Cafe
Hui Lau Shan - Hong Kong Dessert Chain
Traditional Hong Kong Desserts
Initially I thought the desserts at Agnes B Cafe would be completely overrated - oh how I was so wrong. Their lemon tart was flawless and the names of their desserts were so pretty! I could have seriously eaten out everything in that cafe.

Hui Lau Shan is a healthy dessert chain you can find pretty much everywhere. It is like a maccas - you will find a few within each suburb. If you don't have time for a sit down dessert, you can always grab a dessert drink on the go and they were only approximately $3 AUD!

 Two minute noodles in Hong Kong


You may find it strange that I have included a two minute cup noodle in a Hong Kong Foodie's Guide Tour esp when there is so much other good food out there but before you judge - Hong Kong's cup noodles taste SO much better than most other countries. I don't know what they put in it and it doesn't make sense to me because Nissan noodles are shipped to most countries but it just tastes so much better for some unknown reason. It is cheap and fast comfort food that will really hit the spot.

Gotta go eat!!


  1. The last cafe has the best name ever. ;)

    Awesome post - HK rocks.

    1. Hi Agnes - so agree, am missing HK food already!

  2. great post - i really miss the food in HK! definitely cant wait to move there and indulge....

    1. Hi Gastronomous anonymous - I am going to be so envious of your stomach!

  3. I adore Honkers! Studied there for 6 months when I was a student. Last time I went back I had the BEST seafood blow out on Lamma Island. It's a very happy place.

    1. Hi SarahKate - I LOVE seafood, esp on Lamma Island because it was just so fresh!

  4. Yum! I'm glad that I just ate otherwise I'd be hungry all over again :P And I'm yet to try pig's blood jelly congee! :o

    1. Hi Lorraine - Pig Jelly is an acquired taste. Some like it, some don't.

  5. And you ate all of that in only 6 days?? :)

  6. WOW you've definitely been eating all around HK :) I've been staying here for the past 4 months and I totally know what you mean by gaining weight ~ sighhh my clothes don't fit me anymore :( glad you had lots of fun!

    1. Hi Daisy - I like to call it as 'holiday weight' and thanks!

  7. You forgot to take me with you! how could you lol!
    where is your marni haul :)

    1. Hi Julie - Marni Haul is on my IG! and I'll remember to pop you into the suit case next time! lol

  8. Dear Shanshan,

    I think I would stick with chinese food when in Hong Kong rather than those semi-western Asian stuff. Not sure about that egg and ham in Maggi noodles though :)

    1. Hi Chopin - You have to try the egg and ham in Maggi on a rainy day - def comfort food!

  9. Awesome quick foodie tour, so much I want to eat!! Hong Kong really is a foodies dream.

    1. Hi Sara - Thanks! One can never finish eating in HK!

  10. I'd definitely be in a food coma after all of that. LOL.

    1. Hi Tina - lol! I am just grateful of my second stomach LOL

  11. i have to secretly agree with you on the instant noodles part! :P for some reason, its my favourite thing to do when i go to asian countries to try their local instant noodles. they taste alot better! such an awesome trip to HK!

  12. I loved reading this post. The more I go to HK the more I fall in love with it. Great city and some fantastic food, as you have clearly shown in this post. That cocktail at Wildifre is insane!

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