Monday, May 21, 2012

Cafe Sopra - Fratelli Fresh, Waterloo

I can't believe I am saying this and I know I am going to get a lot of 'I told you so' stares but yes peeps, I am taking back my words about CHEESE!! CHEESSSEEE!!! DO YOU HEAR ME? I said CHEESEEEEE!!

Feasting at Sopra
I used to hate cheese with a passion. Blame it on my stereotypical Asian genes or whatever but I would shiver at each moment I read or heard the the damn word 'cheese'. So what happened?

Brussels Sprouts salad with poached eggs- $18.00
Duck and sage ragu - $24.00
Top row: Raggu Alla Bolognese ($22) and Panfried gnocchi with Mushroom and Sage Ragu ($22)
Bottom row: Cheesy zucchini flowers ($4.95 each) and Oyster salad ($18)
There was cheese in almost every single dish ordered but surprisingly the cheese itself wasn't too heavy. I don't recall noticing it in most dishes to be honest nor was I able to smell the blue cheese!! Not sure how I would go handling more cheese dishes (ESP blue cheese) at the moment but hey at least its baby steps for now! (*repeats to self: it is not that bad*)

The pastas were al dente and their servings were fairly decent. It was also a first  I had some decent gnocchi where the inside was nice and fluffy! Their dishes can be quite rich though so you may struggle to finish a dish off by yourself unless you are sharing.

Salad is severely required when you are ordering so many heavy dishes. Their brussel sprouts salad was really good! Why? It comes with oozing eggs and it doesn't even taste like brussel sprouts. At once stage I thought I was eating an egg cabbage salad and forgot we had ordered the sprouts.

The money shot - Apple cake - $14.50
Left: Sopra's famous banoffee pie - $14.50
Right: Tiramisu - $14.50
I was sooo full by this stage but nevertheless, dessert had to be fitted in, forced fed if need be. The Tiiramisu was strong but good and the apple cake was so warm and fuzzy but the Bonoffee pie was the winner. The caramel with the with the crumbed biscuits was what did it for me! This is a must have for everyone visiting!

If you are coming to Sopra a large group on a weekend, it is best to come at around 11 am or else you will have to line up for a table. By the time the clock ticks a bit past mid day, the whole place is packed out, so it is best to wake up a little bit earlier to avoid the crowd. Good food is worth less sleep! 

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Gotta go eat!!


  1. haha cheese is awesome! glad you're slowly liking it :P

  2. What a feast! Love Sopra - I want that ragu!

  3. I'm asian and I've always loved cheese! LOL ahhh glad you liked it!

  4. Great action shot! I used to love cheese with a passion... I still love it but haven't had it in a while and to be honest I don't crave it anymore.

  5. I love that the brussel sprouts didn't taste like brussel sprouts - that's what I'd be hoping for (oh, and I LOVE cheese, LOVE it)!

  6. my all time fave is the meatballs pasta at sopra! but looks like the Duck and sage ragu you posted might be just as good :) the Cheesy zucchini flowers are so addictive!

  7. :OOOO you hated cheese?!
    love the food at Sopra <3 haven't had their desserts yet though

  8. Dear Shan Shan,

    I think Cafe Sopra has some great pastas and my favourite is definitely the carbonara.

  9. Everything looks so amazing! And it sounds funny but I scrolled down before seeing the title and thought that it all looked very "Cafe Sopra-like" :)

  10. Very authentic place serving great food.

  11. Those pastas certainly look delicious, but I agree they look a little heavy. I love cheese! Can't live without cheese. I actually used to be like you and hated cheese when I first came to Australia but somehow I managed to love them now. :)

  12. Cheese is awesome! And that banoffee pie looks pretty damn good too!

  13. I love cheese!! Love, love, love! I also love Brussels sprouts. However, I don't love oozy eggs. So... I could eat the B sprouts and you could eat the egg!

  14. Oh wow, pasta when beautifully done is almost unbeatable. Going to try the gnocchi, see if it's as good as my nonna's! Great pics!