Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Momofuku Seiobo, The Star

So my work place recently put in place some new silly internet rules where we aren't allowed to go on any personal websites at all. First thing that came to my mind was.. oh crap! my precious booking at Momofuku Seiobo! Nevertheless, with will, there is always a way. I was super-uberly excited, I could not wait to get my paws on the dinner table and mannnnnnn, it was seriously one of the best dining experiences of my life! 

The famous pork belly steamed bun at Momofuku Seiobo
The dinner degustation was $175 and was for 15 whopping courses! I was so full that I didn't even have space in my stomach for a sit down dessert at the Zumbo dessert bar right opposite! *rubs tummy*

View of Momofuku Seiobo's open kitchen
One of the best things at Momofuku Seiobo that made it one of my best dining experiences was that you actually sat around the open kitchen - IT WAS SO COOL!  You got to see the chefs are work and the thing that was even better was being able to guess if there was another dish coming hehehe.

Course 1: Snacks including shittake chip, nori, mochi and smoked potato
Course 2: Steamed bun with pork belly, cucumber and hoisin
Course 3: Striped Trumpeter with pomelo and pistachio
Course 4: Marron with burnt eggplant and rhubarb
Course 5: Wagyu beef with radish and fermented black bean
This was such a pretty dish
Course 6: Smoked eel with jerusalem artichoke and pink grapefruit
This also came with smoked eel soup
Course 7: mud crab with old bay and yorkshire pudding
Course 8: steamed egg with toasted rice and brown butter
Course 9: pea agnolotti with Parmesan and ham
Course 10: mulloway with smoked roe and lettuce
Course 11: Pork neck with turnips and stormshells
Course 12: c2 cheese including honey licorice and bee pollen
Course 13: malt with brown sugar and smoked caramel
Course 14: pear with yoghurt, sultana miso and whey
All the dishes were really good but my favourite of the night would have to be the 9th course (pea agnolotti with Parmesan and ham). It was such a hearty and tasty dish. I normally don't like cheese but the foamy cheese was almost like the perfect touch to that dish. I wanted moreeeeeeee! On the topic of cheese, sadly enough, I also had to give away my cheese dish because I clearly didn't appreciate it enough lol!

Petite four: 8 hour braised pork shoulder
Eating your petite four - David Chang Style
Last but not least was the petite four. The real way to eat a petite four is.. with your hands, obviously! So there I was in a fine dining restaurant, sitting at the kitchen bench at Momofuku Seiobo and eating the petite four with my fingers - classy! 

- The star, 80 Pyrmont street, level G, Sydney NSW

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Gotta go eat!!



  2. You look so happy! lol shows how good the food is. I gotta have that pork belly bun.

  3. Extremely jealous! Had to give up my reservation at Momofoku because they wouldn't extend it to 6 people! Love that you get to sit around an open kitchen!

  4. How cool! Great pictures of all that amazing food. How was the pork bun? I'm dying to try one.

  5. One day I will get to this place... it's on my list! Love the look of everything :)

  6. Jealoussssssssssssssssss x 1,000,000,000. I had those pork buns in wonderful.

  7. Looks delicious! I've had those pork belly steamed buns here in Finland in a restaurant called "Gaijin". They were my absolute fav.! I'm going to visit Sydney in August, so perhaps I should try this place out.. or some other. Any recommendations?

  8. kudos on finishing the meal! i was dying after the 9th course. i think the highlight was the marron, pork buns, malt milk (which was different from what you had) and pork shoulder IF i had more stomach room to enjoy it more.

  9. wow, the food there is so awesome!!!!

  10. That looks wonderful! I've wanted to go there for so long :)

  11. Looks like such a terrific meal. We had a spectacular meal at Momofuku Ko in NYC a year or so ago- great to know that there's stuff of similar quality for when we get back to Sydney.

  12. Wow what an incredible post

  13. Beautiful photos, that pork belly bun... mmmmm... Was considering the lunch dego, but if you're going, may as well go all the way!

  14. Beautiful photos, that pork belly bun... mmmmm... Was considering the lunch dego, but if you're going, may as well go all the way!

  15. i still havent tried this place yet! but it does seem like a lovely experience!