Sunday, June 17, 2012

Eat Art Truck, Sydney

Sydney Food Trucks have one of the foodie hypes recently and I have been so jealous of my friends posting up their food truck dinners on their instagram. So there was really no other option but to get my red hot hands on one of these babies. I heart food street food, street food on wheels makes it so much fun.

Eat Art Truck

Sunday, June 3, 2012

CoLunching at Miss Chu, Bondi

A thank you to Ricky Chong from Food Morning and Tracy Wang from CoLunching for inviting me to the CoLunching get together at Miss ChuCoLunching seems to be quite 'hot' right now because it was even on the the Sydney Morning Herald recently. CoLunching is basically a real life social networking experience through dining so to me, it was like twitter or facebook but in 'real life'.

Left: Lychee, cucumber and mint crushed ice - $8.50
Right: Banana and mint crushed ice - $8.50
CoLunching allows you to meet a bunch of people (some new as well as some familiar faces) while trying out a new restaurant at each time.