Sunday, June 17, 2012

Eat Art Truck, Sydney

Sydney Food Trucks have one of the foodie hypes recently and I have been so jealous of my friends posting up their food truck dinners on their instagram. So there was really no other option but to get my red hot hands on one of these babies. I heart food street food, street food on wheels makes it so much fun.

Eat Art Truck
These trucks are only at a location for two to three hours each time. There aren't that many of them around, mainly because they require council approval before they can park their 4 wheels down. Their weekly times and locations are posted one week beforehand so you might want to cross your fingers and toes that they are somewhere close within your vicinity. Currently, their locations are all around Sydney and it hasn't been too hard to get to. 

There are two types of Sydney Food Trucks: Eat Art Truck and a Cantina Mobil (mexican food). Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to try both so I will still be on the hunt for the Cantina Mobil when the chance comes around. 

Eat Art Truck at Queens Square
Shimichi chicken wings with mayo - $8
Pulled pork in a hot dog bun with spicy American sauce - $12
Ssam - Spatchcock Chicken with fried noodles - $12
The shimichi chicken wings was amazeballs - if I was to order this again, I would not share this. Call me fat but I wanted to demolish it all. It was soo damn good, especially with the mayo. So for those that are also a fan of wings - do not (I repeat, do not) share this. Be selfish and have it all to yourself.

The pulled pork 'hot dog' was a favourite. I arrived at Queens Square by 7 and by 7.30, it was already sold out. Not surprised to be honest because it is pulled pork. I thought it was pretty good but I didn't think it was that amazing but then again, I am not the biggest fan of pulled pork out there. It looked small-ish but it was actually more filling than it appeared.

The ssam was a bit strange to be honest, not sure if I liked it or didnt. The fried noodles was clever because it gave it an extra crunch and the greens made it taste refreshing but I didn't think there was enough chicken there.

Overall, I think food wise, it was good. Personally though, it might have been a tad over hyped and the prices seemed a bit high if you were to compare it to take away food. The food was more fancy than your typical take away food so I guess that kind of justifies its price.

Nevertheless, it was heaps of fun to hunt down one of these food trucks. Can't wait to hunt down for the cantina mobil!

Sydney Food Trucks

Main website:
Eat Art Truck: Facebook, Location website, Twitter

Cantina Mobil: Facebook,

Gotta go eat!!


  1. oh wow the wings look fantastic! yeah i totally wouldnt share them either :P

  2. I saw the truck at Victoria Park but couldn't get off the bus to give it a shot...

  3. tee hee i just blogged about this too! Sad you didn't love the pulled pork but we all have different taste buds. Wishing to try the wings and spatchcock!

  4. omg those wings!! I've been wanting try out the food trucks for a while but haven't come across one yet

  5. Dear Shan Shan,

    Thanks for sharing this. I have been really curious about the Sydney food trucks and I think I would try the pull pork hot dog, just that I'm not sure if I would like that sauce because I really dislike BBQ style sauce. At $12, it's also not the cheapest take away meal.

    BUT, since it's Tuesday, I am so going to get my 9 pieces of KFC for $9.95 :) :)

  6. I def wanna try those wings and pulled pork!!

  7. I really liked the food that I had at Eat Art Truck. Aren't those wings great? We ordered them last minute but were so glad that we did! :)

  8. Love how food trucks are taking off is Aus. When I was up in San Fransisco a few months back, they were everywhere and catered for the majority of cuisines. I agree, that Pulled pork in a hot dog looks OIsome!

  9. Oh man the food looks good! Eat art truck is the food truck I anticipated most of all the ones that have rolled out but I still haven't had the chance to try it yet, really need to fix that!

  10. everyone has been now! i still havent .. ive been missing out!

  11. and the Shimichi chicken wings with mayo ! is that new here?

  12. Yet to try out any of the trucks, well the couple that are on our roads thus far. Looks good.

  13. wow the pulled pork looks sooooooo good! i need to hunt one of these trucks down too!

  14. The chicken wings look great! The husband has managed to try CantinaMobil and gives the food the thumbs up, but found to be higher than he expected.

  15. I agree that it is high for a food truck. but this is sydney.... everything is EXXY!

  16. This looks amazing! I'll be sure to try it whenever I manage to visit Australia!