Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chefs Gallery, Sydney

A thank you to Yardley Kyling from Chefs Gallery and Thang Ngo from Noodlies for organising and inviting me to the launch of the Chefs Gallery new winter menu. I felt like I had collapsed and went to dumpling heaven and above me were several cute little angel piggies floating around awaiting to be eaten. Thou shall not squeal no more my oh so dear delicious piggies! buahahaha

Signature “Piggy Face” sesame bun and “Totoro" marsh-mallow arranged in an edible garden setting
beautifully presented and served with ice cream.
Trillium prawn dumplings
These are the most complex dumplings made at Chefs Gallery. The dumplings are first steamed for about 7 to 8 minutes, then folded leaving three holes at the top and then carefully stuffing the fish roe and caviar in. Sounds so exhausting but how pretty is it!!

Left: Steamed chicken and Shitake mushroom shiu mai topped with a seared scallop and garnished with red flying fish roe
Top right: Colourful mixed vegetable dumplings in a clear pastry
Bottom right: Shredded Peking duck with cucumber and hosin sauce rolled inside a Chinese roti
I am not a greedy a person but the shiu mai were awesome because they were so huge! There was a generous amount of chicken stuffed inside them and it made the ones you get at yum cha look so stingy!

Besides the trillium prawn dumplings, the peking duck wrapped inside a roti was my other favourite. I heart a lot of food dishes but one thing but one thing that will always be on my top 5 list is peking duck. So in a way yeah I am kind of biased but most things with peking duck taste so succulent and juicy so when you add the peking duck and hosin sauce and roti - how can you not! nom nom nom

New Macanese style mini burger filled with pork fillet, lettuce, pork floss and mayo.
So apparently Macau is the place to go for these mini 'burgers'? I missed out on trying one when I was there, guess I need to make up for that now. The mun tao (i.e. chinese white dough buns) was an interesting combination with the pork fillet because the buns were sweet but stubtle. The buns were extremely hot when I ate them (don't ask me why I didn't wait for it to cool down, kind of stupid when I think back at it) so it was kind of hard to enjoy as much as I could of.

Left: Regular handmade noodles wok fried with shredded pork, cabbages and black fungus
Top right: Steamed chicken thigh fillet with sticky rice, shitake mushrooms, red dates and
wrapped in a lotus leaf parcel.
Bottom right: Prawn and pork wontons in a Shanghainese spicy sauce
Steamed chicken thigh fillet with sticky rice
Besides its dumplings, Chefs Gallery is also quite well known for their hand made noodles as it is meant to be as good as the ones in Taiwan. I haven't been to Taiwan so I can't compare. To me, they were stringy and not too soft although I found it to be a bit too salty for my own liking.

The sticky rice with the steamed chicken was another winner of the day! It was simple as there were only a few ingredients but it tastes better than your typical sticky rice that get at most Chinese restaurants. The chicken was unbelievably tender and there wasn't too much soy sauce where it would have destroyed the whole dish. It comes with a shot of soy sauce, I didn't add it so that could probably be why lol.

Signature “Piggy Face” sesame bun - before and after being squished 
When this dish came out I simply could not stop squealing. Look at it!! Look at the garden!! Look at the totoro!! Look at the piggies!! *squeals* Squish my little piggies, squish squish!

As you probably have figured by now I had problems eating this dish because it was too cute to destroy!! I couldn't destroy their home and I most definitely couldn't murder my piggies. boohooo but the dish was getting cold and it had to be eaten =P

Overall, I'd thought that Chefs Gallery had given quite some thought in developing their new menu. I mean even the piggies got a new home and it looks much better than their old boring steamed basket. Would definitely be returning for more pig squishing fun!

Chefs Gallery

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Gotta go eat!!


  1. Hehe I'm glad to see that the piggies are still there! They are so cute!

  2. Isn't the trillium dumplings delightful.. I loved the macanese burgers too.. actually I love them all.

    Sooo good to see you again ;)

  3. seems like they've tweaked their menu a bit, food looks great. love the piggie buns :)

  4. the poor piggies! :O

  5. hehe that box of dessert with the piggie buns are so cute!

  6. Piggy garden party! And lol I can't believe you went straight through the eyes!

  7. Oh the food looks really good. And I love that photo of the piggy being squished (even though inside I'm going, "Noooo poor pig!") ;)

  8. When I first had the piggies in a box I didn't even want to eat it cause it was too cute! I loved the waffer house too :)
    I can't believe I didn't see the chicken with sticky rice on the menu.. Now I've got to head back! Sticky rice is the best!

  9. LOve this place! I didn't get to go last time I was down in Sydney, but I will def be hitting it up next. Aw, how cute are the sesame buns

  10. This is on my list for my next Sydney pig out. Totally forgot to go here last time, not that I had belly space anyways. I want those piggies!!

  11. Love Chefs' Gallery and I love their piggie face buns. Love the presentation of them at this dinner!

  12. I like most of the winter menu but there are a few underwhelming dishes here and there.

  13. omg they now have piggies in a garden! *faints*

  14. oh man that is some awesome food right there :) awww you did not cut the piggie awww :'(
    ok my friend's been nagging me to go chef's gallery. i think ur review just accelerated it exponentially, defs on my list for after trials :)

  15. Piggie killer! LOL. It was so much fun hanging out.

  16. Food really is the only religion that makes perfect sense!!!! Us West End Gurls got mad love for your blog!!!! It's be pretty cool if you'd check us out at and let us know what you think of our food reviews, just like we'll be checking out the delish lookin' edible garden at chef's gallery! Happy blogging :)

  17. Dear Shan Shan,

    It's been a while since we went there, the most memorable dish being a stir-fried vegetable which had to be sent back TWICE because we found little green worms in it. The dumpling and noodles look good and perhaps we would give this place a try again.

  18. The garden is so cute! I had the totoros last time I went, the piggy buns are definitely better!

  19. this place is making me want to go for dim sum! those Macanese style mini burgers look so good! and the pigs in the edible garden too cute to eat! hehe (: so gonna add it in my list! hehe thank you for the recommendation!

  20. omgness! this is making me want to have dim sum! hehe those Macanese style mini burgers look so good! the cripsy pork fillets looks irresistible! hehe and the pigs and edible garden - just too cute! hehe thanks for sharing this place! So gonna put it in my list of places to go when I get a chance to make a trip down to sydney! x

  21. You ordered everything I've been wanting to order!