Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chocolate Pretzel and Raspberry Brownies

For those that follow me on twitter (@food_religion) would know that I am a human with constant cravings. Generally it consists of yum cha, peking duck, steak, CHIPS, mash, hot pot, a cup of refreshing watermelon juice, dumprings, hot and sour soup and of course one of my all favourites, tom yum soup. 

Chocolate Pretzel and Raspberry Brownies - before going into the oven
Anyhow one day I woke up and had the biggest cravings for chocolate pretzels and an oozing slice of a choc fudge brownie. I thank my fellow food bloggers and my friends who haven't stopped making them or talking about them for the past few week!

I felt guilty having both esp with the lack of exercise so I thought, why not combined both! heh heh heh Technically then, it is only a brownie... right?? Not my fault if the pretzels get covered in all that oozing chocolate =P

I used The Suze Chef's candied bacon brownie recipe combined with the inspiration of Chocolate Suze's chocolate coated pretzels. Took out the bacon from the recipe and added in some pretzels and frozen raspberries. Once everything was placed on, I then pushed all the pretzels and raspberries into the mixture so they wouldn't get burnt.

Recommendation: Put in extra pretzels because they err.. got lost in the brownie when I took a slice out of it.

Ingredients used
Wala the final product + more pretzels required
Ok so... I am probably the biggest noob baker out there and the oven at home is quite old so when you combine those two problems together, things don't always turn out the way you want it to be. I was so sad to see half my brownie collapse when I took it out of the tray but at the same time excited to see all that chocolate flood out. Still not too sure why that happened, anyone know what could have gone wrong? Either way, it was still good and it hit the spot. What are you guys craving now?

With an important deadline coming up, I will be on a mini 3 week or so hiatus. Recently I have been feeling so exhausted and even with 8 to 10 hours sleep, I am constantly tired. My schedules are always so freaking full and raising stress levels really doesn't help. So for now, I've decided to drop everything to put it on hold so I can refocus and gun my to do list like a boss. Sorry guys! but don't worry I will be back real soon! 

Happy eating for now!

Gotta go eat!!


  1. oh but gooey brownies are the best! love the sound of your pretzel brownie combo, totes trying this soon!

  2. woah awesome combination! love the pairing pretzels in a brownie.. never would have thought to put those two together!

  3. It is still chocolatey right? And take care... I know how you feel

  4. whaaaa! just eat it like a pudding if its runny haha!

  5. Interesting combo, do love chocolate pretzels though.

  6. Awww. Did it need a bit longer in the oven? It still looks quite amazing with all the gooey chocolate. Mhmmm.

  7. Raspberries and chocolate is the best combo. This looks o good.

    Oh yea, totally understand how you feel juggling it all. Take care, stress less :) Damn deadlines...

  8. mm looks good; rest well in the meantime!

  9. my second time checking this post to attempt this!
    Ive always loved pretzels with chocolate ever since I had the fondue for two at san churros :) sweet and salty go so well together!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe! :)

  10. Oh yeah - I can totally see this. This looks sensational - must give it a go!

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