Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Rice Den, Chatswood

Yes, they are nem nuong san choy bows - your eyes not playing a trick on you. Nem nuongs aren't something I have often but each time I see it, read it or smell it, I must have it. One of the reasons why I don't have nem nuongs often because of its high fat content but because of the way it served, , it surprisingly tasted refreshing and 'healthy'. Nem Nuong and healthy? That's a juxtaposition right there!

Nem Nuong San Chow Bow - $8
Although the chance is not always there, I quite like coming back because each time I do go, the customer service always makes you feel so warm and fuzzy, esp on a cold winters night.

Top Left: Roast duck wonton soup - $7
Top Right: Steamed rice
Bottom: Nem Nuong San Chow Bow - $8
Soft shell crab with fried noodles and stir fried vegetables - special

The soft shell crab with the crispy noodles were so so good. A tad too salty towards the bottom but there was so much dam crunch in that dish. For every bite you took, it was there was three crunches to go with it lol. The dish also had stir fried lychees (I think they were stir fried) - as a lychee fan zomgosh so good! I'm going to borrow that idea from now on and add it with as many stir fries as possible =P

Chilli Basil Crocodile - stir fried - $17
Fried Ice Cream - $6
For those that haven't had crocodile before - to me, it has a funky texture between fish and chicken which is why I quite like it. I get so excited every time I see the word 'crocodile' on the menu hehehe I feel like such a carnivorous now LOL There was so much flavour in there yet well balanced although there may have been too much pepper in there for my liking.

Finally the fried rice cream - I was so excited to try this but a warning - share it. I hate sharing my foods as you guys already know not because I am greedy or anything but the serving of that dessert was sooo generous! I was struggling to finish it but my golden rule is that I do not waste food and I certainly do not waste ice cream. It comes in vanilla and green tea and in being adventurous, I went with green tea. It was good as the green tea was slightly bitter and the outside had more of a modern touch to it. Not sure if the outside was some type of 'cake' because it certainly didn't taste like bread. Either that or my taste buds were screwed that night. 

Overall, I quite like the creativeness of Rice Den because they give most dishes a modern touch yet still remain to be quite traditional. Can't wait to see what new menu items they will be adding in the future. 

Food is our religion attended as a guest of Rice Den

- 3/77 Archer Street, Chatswood

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Gotta go eat!!


  1. didnt know nem nuong was high in fat D: btw you wrote 'fact' instead of fat. I like how they write their name so neatly with choc sauce

  2. I don't like to share my foods either, unless its crap... then I'm more than happy to share :P haha

  3. Aww that's the skinniest skewer of nem nuong I've ever seen! I like your precision cutting of the nem nuong for your san chow bow though :)

  4. They say sharing is caring but yep, no. Not when it comes to dessrt especially fried ice cream! LOL

  5. They say sharing is caring but yep, no. Not when it comes to dessrt especially fried ice cream! LOL

  6. I normally don't make comments, but $8 for a nam nuong that skinny. Man you can get a Kilo of nam nuong in Cabra + you won't need to travel so far for it :P

  7. Oh wow I've never tried crocodile, not gonna lie probably wont ever, but green tea fried ice cream looks delish!!!!!