Sunday, August 26, 2012

Antonio Sabia's Puntino Trattoria, Woolloomooloo

I think I may have found a a hidden gem within Woolloomooloo! You would think that there is barely anything or in fact nothing at all at the quiet end of Crown Street but ha, think again my friend. There is a small Italian restaurant towards the end of Crown Street but you pretty much feel like you are back at home as soon as you walk in. 

Grilled mushroom platter
The waitors/waitresses were friendly and some were err.. some what funny lol. They made you feel welcome and since it was so casual, it makes you think you were back in your dining room.

The mushroom platter was sooooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooo soooooooooo freaking amazing! I can't emphasize exactly how awesome that was. It was so good that the next time I come, I am going to order one of those babies to myself. All the mushrooms were super juicy and it had the right amount of salt and herbs on it.

Gnocchi sorrentino - $19.90
Stone baked woodfire pizza - diavola - $18.90
The gnocchi was soft and fluffy but I thought the sauce was even better. Normally I am not the biggest fan of tomato based sauces because from my experiences, it can be quite plain and boring. Puntino's version though was really interesting and some what addictive.

There was lots of toppings on the pizza but I thought there could have been a bit more flavour. For those that hate onions, I strongly suggest not to get this flavour pizza because it came packful of yummy grilled onion or in your case, yuck onions. nom nom nom

I didn't get a chance to try other dishes but the two things that really caught my eye were their ravioli and their grilled lambs. It looked so good! I need to come back to check out those two dishes and other nomness! 

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Gotta go eat!


  1. Nice find! Will definitely want to check this place out. I always love a good gnocchi dish

  2. I haven't seen a grilled mushroom platter elsewhere... it looks amazing!

  3. Seriously drooling over the mushroom platter. Pizza looks great too!

  4. i looooove mushrooms! that is one platter i will not share!

  5. thats so awesome with the lovely find :)

    i want mushroom platter please!

  6. Dear Shan Shan,

    How much was the mushroom platter though?

  7. A hidden gem indeed!! I'd better add this one to my list... That gnocchi looks so good!

  8. I am a big mushroom fan and that platter looks awesome!

  9. I was invited to dine here recently! I really loved the food there, thinking of going back :) it really is a hidden gem! Never even knew Crown St extended that far down lol