Sunday, August 5, 2012

Est, Sydney and some other recent food lovin'

Herrrroooo everyone! Yes, I am back! What's been happening peeps? Being away from facebook, twitter, instagram (@food_religion) and of course blogging, wasn't as weird as I had thought it might of been but coming back onto all these social network sites was slightly bizarre at first. Even the feeling of tweeting was so foreign.

p.s. Just a warning that this is a LONG post!

Anywhoo with all this MIA happening, I only recently found out with thanks to a friend of mine that Est. is currently doing a 2 course special for $65 (lunch or dinner, Monday to Friday). Offers ends next Friday, 10 August. 

Entree: grilled white scallops, pickled pear, winter purslane, foie gras, pedro ximenez - lentil vinaigrette
This might sound strange to a few but before this offer, I honestly wasn't that excited about trying out Est. for some unknown reason. Yes, it is a three hatted restaurant and etc but yeah.. even I found it strange myself that Est. was no where the bottom of my 'to try list'.

Entree: white tea - chicken consommé, venison tataki, beef tendon, yuba, turnips, shiitake
Entree: moreton bay bug, cavolo nero, green peas, mini radish, young turnips, bonito flakes
Left Main: pan roasted lamb rib eye
Right Main: Venison

Petit Four
The grilled scallops were really delicious and I was surprised at the generosity since there were more scallops than expected. The pear and vinaigrette matched the scallops really well but the crunchy parts on the top made it much more of an exciting dish.

At first I was going to order something that nobody else had ordered on the table so I could try the other things but z o m g, that was until I saw the word 'venison'. At that moment in time, I didn't care what every else ordered, I wanted that venison all to myself. I had it once in  New Zealand years ago and I loved it. Years later, I reunite myself with this amazing tender piece of venison and it was even better than I had remembered, nom nom nom. *drools*

The food in general tasted good but admittedly, I wasn't 'wowed' by it. Not sure if my expectations were too high, especially as it was a three hatted restaurant but I didn't find the food to be as exciting as I thought it may have been. The dishes, especially the main, can have smaller portions so boys, don't expect to be too full. 

Their dishes range between $40 to $60 so to pay for a two course for $65 (including a glass of wine), I didn't think it was too bad, especially for Est.

Cheers everyone!
Moving along, although I was MIA, one still needs to eat! So I've listed a few new places I have tried and a few good oldies I have returned to over the past few weeks.

Canton Express, Wynyard (food court near Westpac)
Food Pornnation actually showed me this awesome place. Based on the amount of duck served, I don't think this place needs anymore descriptions.

Churrusco Feast
Fried bananas, Cinnamon pineapple and salad
Hello alcomohol
Must get: san churros.. SOOOO GOOD!!
A thank you to Through Beauty Eyes for inviting me as her plus at the Lifestyle Meet up at Churrusco organised by Sweaty Betty PR. Man.. what a  night that was. Meat overload = I was so full that I had didn't eat breakfast or lunch. Sugar overload = could not sleep while being in a 'food coma'.

Moochi FINALLY opened in Westfield Sydney
As most of you may know, I heart froyo <3! So when Moochi opened in Westfield, I had to make a mandatory visit. It's quite dangerous now that Moochi is only a 5 to 10 min walk from work... 

El Jannah Chicken feast
When one says returning to back to few good old favourites, El Jannah falls into this category by default. For those that haven't tried it, please do yourselves a favour and give it a go. That garlic sauce will be ONE OF THE BEST THINGS you will EVER have in your life.

Arancini balls at Museum of Contemporary Art Roof top Cafe
Left: Pumpkin vegetarian sandwich
Right: Chicken Pot Pie with polenta chips
Z.O.M.G. Those arancini balls were orgasmic, especially when you generously spread the mayo and then squeezed the lemon juice all over it. It was so crunchy on the outside. This is a must get if you are visiting the Biennale event that is one at the moment or is simply, just paying a visit to the newly opened Museum of Contemporary Art Roof Top Cafe.

Hokkien Mee
Tried out the Malay Village that is opposite Mamak because I didn't want to wait a thousand and one hours for a late dinner. To be frank, the laksa was warm and I extremely dislike warm food. Hot or cold is how I prefer it. The CKT was better than the laksa but still fairly average.

Meno Diciotto Ice Cream
I am currently addicted errr .. I mean in  love to this ice cream parlor. Meno Diciotto has amazing and different flavours such as lemon meringue and salted caramel. arghh i want some now!!!

Shin Ramen
Life is not completely with a burning hot cup of chin ramen. Enough said. 

Gotta go eat!!


  1. welcome baaaack! ...and with so much food. Love how they serve the arancini balls!

  2. lol mia from social media but never from food!

  3. Well hello there and welcome back. Now that is a lot of food sharing above!!

  4. Whoa....that's a lot of food, job well done I'd say! Your EST dinner looks wonderful, but I'd prefer El Jannah and that garlic sauce any day I think.

  5. I see everyone eating that Moochi stuff, I better add it to my list for my next feast in Sydney! Welcome back! x

  6. Dear Shan Shan,

    I haven't been to Est for a long time. The food looks good but I find some of the mid tier and neighbourhood restaurants are offering such awesome value and honest food.

  7. love it.

  8. ooh i love est, that's a fab merivale deal! hehe love how those arancini balls are on an egg carton - might steal that idea for myself :) everytime i go to mca i always leave before going to the rooftop cafe >< keep forgetting they have one up there! shin ramen is the best. that is all . lol

  9. omg everything at est looks soooo good! the feast at churassco makes me wanna overload....

  10. ahh seeing your post makes me want to go back to Est! I had such a good meal there last year :)