Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tokonama, Surry Hills

I have always been quite eager to check out Tokonama but never had the $$$ for it until I saw it on Spreets one day. Normally, I am a bit iffy with buying things from those discount voucher companies but hello!! it was Tokonama. Clearly there was no hesitation there as I slapped the transaction onto my credit card.

Scotch Fillet
Word of mouth goes to say that the restaurant is very strict with taking photos. So if you want to take photos, try emailing customer service and from my experience, they should say yes! 
Spoonfuls of sashimi with caviar
Left: Soft Shell Crab
Right: Grilled zucchini
Sashimi - Salmon and King Fish
Their sashimi were so fresh, it just melted in your mouth. Best thing was the sashimi 'box' because the sashimi was on a massive stash of ice which keeps the fish chilled and makes it taste so much better. Noms! The grilled zucchini was juicy and it was a good break from the other salty dishes but I thought they could of been a bit more adventurous with the zucchinis.

Part 1 of the Nigiri Selection
Left: Grilled scallop mentaiko
Top right: Seared beef
Bottom right: Part 2 of the Nigri selection
Squid tempura
The grilled scallops and the seared beef were both sooooo good! Someone must have knocked me out because it was so good I thought I was sent to heaven. The scallops were so juicy and meaty, the seared beef was so tender. I had a major issue with the two dishes though was that there wasn't enough. I wanted more! I wanted to gracefully demolish both dishes. 

Dessert includes ginger creme brulee, chocolate and pear ice cream and fruit
One of the things I dislike most is ginger but surprisingly ginger in desserts always works out well. The creme brulee is a good example because it counted out the sweetness. I also have a thing when things are served on a block of ice, it makes the dish look way cooler and makes the tasting so much more fun. I loved the chocolate ice cream so much that I secretly dabbed into the dent of the ice block to polish off ALL  the chocolate ice cream. I may have been tipsy but SSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hehehe Classy much? LOL!

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Gotta go eat!


  1. We love Toko too... usually head down for a night cap and bar snacks.

  2. holy crap everything looks absolutely amazing! i am drooling at the sight of that scotch fillet!

  3. Dear Shan Shan,

    The food was quite good when we went there but the place was so dark, my photos hardly turned out so I didn't bother blogging it. We could hardly see what we were eating let alone trying to take some good pics.

  4. still very upset i couldnt take any photos on my multiple visits here. sad face. anyways, food is so good here! yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmo.

  5. What do you mean you don't like ginger?? Food looks amazing and the photos are great.

  6. I've eaten at Toko twice now (once on a voucher). Such yummy food & the restaurant is beautiful to look at.

  7. the grilled scallops and scotch fillet looks so delicious!

  8. I am seriously addicted to all those online vouchers... I have like 8 of them at the moment. I may be addicted =P
    Love it when something you've been wanting to do pops up though - sooo good! I'll have to keep an eye out for another one of these vouchers - yum!

  9. Looks good! The voucher is available at Spreets again and I totally just bought one. O_O

  10. mmmm the scotch fillet is making my mouth water! I want it all!!!!!

  11. Bummed i missed the voucher!! Scotch fillet looks so juicy.
    Thanks for the photo taking tip too!