Sunday, November 4, 2012

A story of three and four years

Herro my dear friends! I can't believe how fast time has flown by. Where have all these years gone? I honestly can't believe I have continually updated this blog for 3 years. My beloved baby blog is growing!! This is the first time I have ever celebrated my baby turning of age! Excitement!! This anniversary also coincides with the boy's and my own anniversary, double excitement!! Sadly I don't have a picture of a decent cake but instead I think this picture can make up for it.

Yes day 1



This whole blog started with a sudden random urge to blog. Three years ago, sitting at this very desk and chair I published my first post. Who would have thought I would have kept going months after months (let alone years). I bet most people including myself would have thought I would have given up years ago just like those trashy personal myspace or xanga blogs where high school teenyboppers wrote about their trip to and from high school each day. C'mon now lets be honest, we were ALL one of those at one stage in our lives. It was like the source for GossipGirl101 in those days.

Oyster Tasting Plate - $44
To celebrate my 4 years anniversary with DC, him and I went to an oyster bar to eat ALL the oysters in the ocean. Okay no... I wish we did. I ordered a tasting plate (6 cold and 6 hot) and soon my pretties arrived. I so so so regret getting just one tasting plate because it meant I had to share. I wanted all the pretties all to my self. Why was I so stupid to share this? I should have ordered a tasting plate each! Welp.

The two fried ones weren't that great but the remainder of the tasting plate were interesting. Not so sure if I had a favourite, they were all equally as good. Well maybe I could of had a favourite if I had the chance to eat ALL the oysters heh heh heh. 

Pan-roasted free range duck breast with truffle mash, wilted
spinach, beetroot and verjuice jus - $35
Pistachio dusted rack of lamb with jerusalem artichoke puree,
honey glazed dutch carrots and potato gnocchi in a sage &
muscatel beurre noisette - $30.00
The duck was so lean and the saltiness on the skin was perfectly seasoned. There was barely any fat in the meat nor was there barely any oil (or if at any at all) oozing out. I was thinking to myself, man this duck tastes so dam good and how is possible that I feel so guilt free. I felt so guilt free that it felt almost foreign.

It was also the first time I tried truffle mash and sorry truffle lovers, what is it that is so good about truffles? I love my mash and I do enjoy truffle in selected dishes but I thought the mash could of been better without it. 

The racks of lamb tasted like royal balls of amazingness. No really. It was so tender and juicy. It was orgasmic. Oh my god, I want to go back for more. The gnocci was so fluffy on the inside and the sauce so well balanced. Not too sweet but not too salty. Even though the food was considered 'fine dining', there was something really comforting about it.

The place is seriously a hidden gem, especially when their dishes were equally just as good as each other. Now that's when you know you have found yourself a winner. Sadly, DC and I were both too full for our own good we weren't able to fit in dessert. Nevermind though because I will definitely be back for more and I hope my second time round will include dessert.

Before I say goodbye today... 

Here is to more years of happy eating *holds up a jug of beer* and four years of awesomeness with DC (letsbehonest I probably make him and I more awesome LOL I'm jokang.....).

Thank you to everyone out there who has dropped by, I hope I haven't made you cringe TOO much with my lame jokes. Please let me know what you guys think of my page and what you would like to read and see more or less of in in the coming future!

Tee Hee!

Disclaimer: Year 3 was probably the year I've attended my life's worth of 21st birthday partays. Couldn't find a decent/appropriate/soba enough photo of us so this will just have to do.
And yes, the chalkboard message was also edited.
Gotta go eat!!

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  1. Giggled at the first photos, so funny!
    The oysters look good, but happy anniversary FIOR! :))

  2. Aww happy bloggiversary and boyfriend/girlfriend anniversary. Love the Darth Maul photo. LOL!

  3. aww you two! happy 4th anny and 3rd to your bloggie!

  4. Dear Shan Shan,

    Happy anniversary and congrats to you and the boy. Three years is a great effort, I'm not sure if I as much staying power as you do.

  5. congrats, happy blogaversary and anniversary

  6. Happy double anniversary! :)

  7. Happy bloggiversary! And happy anniversary to you and the boy too :)

  8. :) Happy anniversary and bloggiversary! Nawwws, you guys are really cute! ehehe :p

  9. Aww heaps cute! Congrats on both anniveries! I'll drink a beer to celebrate ;)

  10. Happy anniversary to you and DC. Also, love that we share similar anniversaries for our blogs....... twins? LOL

  11. Awww a big congratulations Shanshan!!! Here's to many more! :D

  12. Hilarious photo! Happy Bloggy day and happy 4th anniversary! Now to many many more.... burrppppp