Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cheers to the end of 2012

Oh me gosh, I can't believe the year has already came to an end. Soon we will be celebrating our birthdays, Easter, Christmas and New Years Eve all over again. However before we start our rounds of celebrations again I just want to thank all you awesome guys for your love and support for my blog all year round. Thank you for your comments on the blog, your hearts on instagram, your likes on Facebook and of course our chit chats and jokes on twitter.

The night where I ate all of the seafood in Malaysia

Monday, December 24, 2012

Mexico - Food & Liquor, Surry Hills

Zomg it is Christmas Eve!! Weeeeeee!! ANYWAYS I was so sad the day I heard the news about District Dining closing up, especially because I hadn't had the time to try it. SIGH... but that wasn't all the news. It wasn't as bad after all when I found out District Dining was going to be replaced by a Mexican restaurant. So eventually when the day came for its doors to opened, I did not wait another minute and rushed to check Mexico Food and Liquor ASAP. In a way, it was to make up for missing out on District Dining and the only way to make up for it is to eat ALL the tacos. 

Top: Pibil rubbed pork w black beans soft shell taco - $6
Bottom left: Pan fried fish soft shell taco - $6
Bottom Right: Wild mushroom soft shell taco - $6

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eliunt: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Launch

Oh haiz Santa, almost a handful of days left till you sled down my road. With all these festive lunches and dinners and food comas coming up, I sometimes struggle for ideas to bring to the dining table. One of my favourite chefs and recipe writers would definitely have to be Jamie Oliver. Besides his creativity, cooking style and so forth I love how he 'drizzles' a touch of olive oil in almost everything he cooks. When Jamie adds the word 'drizzle' and 'olive oil' in the same sentence we all know he means pour all the olive out of the bottle until your heart is content.

Eliunt Extra Virgin Olive Oil
So speaking of olive oils, I was recently introduced to Eliunt extra virgin oil and that is when I found my secret weapon to bring to future dinner partays. I have always known you can add olive oil to quite a few things but I had no ideas you could even add them to chips!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Ice cream making time - GO Cooking Challenge

Herrro all!! Is everyone counting down to the end of the working year, Xmas, NYE celebrations and of course 2012? I am! =D So recently I took part in the GO Cooking Challenge organised by GraysOutlet where I had to make either ice cream or froyo. So there I was thinking 'sweet as bro, how hard can making ice cream be' and those my friends, were my famous last words. Most of you guys know that I definitely not an expert in the kitchen and making desserts is one of my main weaknesses so this was definitely one interesting experience.  

The final result!
With the bag of goodies and my utensils I present to you raspberry ripple vanilla ice cream stashed on my take on 'fairy bread'.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Out of Africa, Manly

Sydney has always been known for its multiculturalism and this can be confirmed by the vast variety of cuisines that is offered all over Sydney. African has been one of those cuisines which I have been itching for years and finally after all that waiting, I have been able to tick this cuisine off my bucket list. 

I was nervous about trying out African because it felt so foreign and I felt like I was going out of my comfort zone. On the way to the restaurant my brain was filled with so curiosity whilst my heart was filled with excitement.

Mixed Entree's - $19.50
Brochette, briouat, sardine, spicy grilled calamari and king prawn on a bed of mixed salad

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Shanghai's pork and cider dinner

Howdy all! I hope everyone have been well. Apologies for my recent blogging absence as I have been busy flying in and out of Sydney recently. More of that gossip will come very shortly but for today we have on the menu, a date with... *drum rolls* Mr. Piggy and his bad ass cider friends at New Shanghai. I welcome you to the pork and cider dinner.

Course number 3
Left: Apple Thief pink lady cider
Right: Pan fried dumpling set - pan fried pork bun, pan fried dumpling and shallot pancake