Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cheers to the end of 2012

Oh me gosh, I can't believe the year has already came to an end. Soon we will be celebrating our birthdays, Easter, Christmas and New Years Eve all over again. However before we start our rounds of celebrations again I just want to thank all you awesome guys for your love and support for my blog all year round. Thank you for your comments on the blog, your hearts on instagram, your likes on Facebook and of course our chit chats and jokes on twitter.

The night where I ate all of the seafood in Malaysia
Before I go on, please excuse me for the different quality of photos throughout this post. Priorities had to be made on some days and on those days, my iphone was the only utility I carried with me. 

Earlier on in the year I went to my first Sydney Food Bloggers Picnic where I was finally able to put a face to almost every name after all those twitter chats.

Sydney Food Bloggers Picnic - early 2012
You would think that after seeing all those food, I would stop eating... yeah.. no. Soon later I jumped onto a plane and fly back me, myself and my stomach to Hong Kong and Malaysia. I was surprised I didn't OD'ed on food again based on the amount of food I ate and ate aaaannddd ate (oh plus having laksa at 6 am in the morning). I still remember that on the last night in Hong Kong, I was so desperate to satisfy my cravings it got to the point I walked down the streets of Hong Kong in my PJ's and bought a few packets of 2 minute cups of instant noodles. Ahh those were the days.

The 7 hour line up from 3 AM for the Marni and H&M Collaboration
I look super exhausted!!
Hong Kong 2012 was epic when it came to both the food and the shopping. By luck, I was able to attend the release of the Marni and H&M Collaboration in Hong Kong. Lining up for 7 hours from 3 am (and waking up at 2 am) in winter and the rain was truely crazy but so worth it. 

I also got my fair share of fine dining in 2012 and till today, Momofuku Seibo is my best dining experience in Sydney. Everything about it was so interesting and being able to sit at the kitchen bar plus eating with my fingers made it even better.

Celebrating my birthday at Momofuku Seibo
2012 was also the first year I celebrated my blog's birthday for the first time, Food is our religion turned three! My blog's birthday was also around the same time of my 4 year anniversary with DC and I.

4 year anniversary with DC
Later in the year I also flew to New Zealand and Melbourne which I have yet to share with you in 2013. For those that follow me on instagram would know that I had an epic food coma by the end of my Melbourne holiday.

Soon to come in 2013 - Travels to New Zealand
Also soon to come in 2013 - Travels to Melbourne
It was also the first year I cooked up a Christmas feast mostly on my own! *feels so grown up now* Speaking of cooking, I also took on a few cooking challenges as well as shared some of my own recipes. Hopefully the domesticated side of me will share more recipes and cooking tips with you going forth.

Christmas Feast

Before I wrap this up, I wish all all you guys a happy new year filled with lots of love and of course, great good. Here is to a greater and better year!

Happy New Year everyone!!
Gotta go eat!!


  1. Happy New Year to you! Look forward to more posts in 2013.

  2. So many great eats that you've had in 2012! Happy NY to you! Keep an eye out for us in the restaurant tomorrow night...

  3. What a fabulous year! Happy new year to u, here's to more wonderful year ahead! :D

  4. Happy New Year! So much yummy looking food in this post - and many more delicious meals to come in 2013 I'm sure :D

  5. my this year has gone by so quickly! i was in hk and malaysia early 2012 too, plus taiwan! talk about food coma, got a stage where i was craving vegetables!
    hope you have a even more awesome 2013!

  6. So good to meet you and to more food adventures! Here is to my new beach bum friend, makan friend and online shopping friend!! xoxo

  7. Can't wait to hear about your Melbourne eats! Happy New Year!

  8. This year has flown! Happy new year for 2013 :D

  9. Great round up of 2012. So glad we got round to having lunch dates. Here's to many moer. Happy New Year babe xo

  10. Thanks for everything this year Shanshan :) Thanks for intro-ing me into the world of blogging, and it's always great catching up with you :)
    Hope to catch up more with you next year!
    Happy New Year s

  11. Happy New Year Shan. What an awesome 2012 you had. Looking forward to reading your adventures in 2013.

  12. "The night where I ate all of the seafood in Malaysia"... haha! Happy New Year!

  13. Happy new year, it looks like 2012 was a yummy one for you :) I would love to go to Malaysia and experience the food there. Hope 2013 is blessed and delicious xx

  14. Dear Shan Shan,

    Congrats on so much food and goodies eaten in 2012. DC looks pretty off his face there, hopefully it's alcohol and not the thought of 4 years putting up with you :)

    Happy new year and have a great 2013!

  15. happy new year love! here's to an even more delicious 2013!